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How To Connect With The Healing Powers Of Earth Frequency

Nov 15, 2023
he Healing Powers Of Earth Frequency

Imagine yourself sitting beside a gentle stream. The sun-baked rock beneath you offers warmth to your body as the cool water rushes over the tops of your feet. The sunlight that permeates the canopy of trees falls like stardust on the grass below. 

You hear nothing but singing water and the gentle whisper of the breeze. There is something profoundly healing about being in nature and embracing the landscape you live in. But did you know that the Earth herself has a heartbeat?

In this blog, we will look at how to connect with the healing powers of Earth’s frequency and what Earth’s frequency is.

What Is Earth Frequency?

Earth frequency is a natural frequency that our planet emits that was first measured in the 1960s. The Schumann Resonance describes the frequency created by lightning strikes trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere.  

According to NASA, roughly 2,000 thunderstorms at any given moment produce around 50 flashes of lightning per second. These lightning strikes result in electromagnetic waves trapped between the Earth and an atmospheric barrier about 60 miles outside the planet. As these waves circle the Earth, some combine and increase in strength, resulting in a low frequency of about 8Hz. The entire planet can feel the effects of this frequency, which connects all living organisms. 

How To Channel Earth Frequency For Self-Healing

The human brain operates at different frequency ranges, including the following brain waves:

  • Delta (0.5-4 Hz) – associated with deep sleep
  • Theta (4-8 Hz) – associated with lighter sleep or extreme relaxation
  • Alpha (8-12 Hz) – associated with meditation and relaxation
  • Beta (12-30 Hz) – associated with alertness and reactiveness
  • Gamma (25-100 Hz) – associated with problem solving/information processing

Our Alpha brain waves are naturally geared towards the frequency of the Earth (8 Hz). By increasing Alpha brain waves, we can see a potential for reduced anxiety, better sleep, increased creativity, and relaxation. So, how do we increase these frequencies?

Meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness are 3 of the top ways to bring your brain to an Alpha state. Sound healing is unique because not only does it combine all three, but it also introduces healing tones and provides a way to achieve a meditative state quicker by giving the brain a sound or frequency to focus on. 

By reaching your Alpha state, you connect with Earth’s healing frequency and become more grounded to the planet we call home. This can be accomplished by playing your instruments outside, standing in the grass, leaning against a tree, or sitting on a rock. Use gentle, slow techniques while focusing on your breathing. Draw your attention to the sound of your instrument while remaining open to the nature around you, and let the Earth speak as you listen and connect with its frequency. 

How To Integrate Earth Frequency Into Sound Healing

In addition to conducting sound healing sessions in settings that allow for connection with the Earth, there are specific instruments that you can use to harness the Earth’s healing vibration.

Otto Tuning Forks are tuned to 128Hz, 64Hz, and 32Hz, which are all divisible by the 8Hz frequency emitted by our planet. Including these tuning forks in your healing sessions will naturally create resonance with the Earth’s frequency.

The 128Hz Otto Tuning Fork is a weighted tuning fork that, once activated, is used on your client’s body. It is a powerful tool for relieving physical pain and inflammation, and you can place it on specific pressure points, muscle groups, and bones within the body. Also, attaching a crystal foot to the end of a tuning fork can increase these vibrations. 

The 64Hz Otto Tuning Fork is frequently used on the sacrum. It is an amazing instrument for grounding and re-centering. This tuning fork is used on the body and is a larger version of the 128Hz tuning fork with deeper vibrations.

The 32Hz Otto Tuning Fork is primarily used off the body, where the two prongs are moved along the meridians and/or the lymphatic system a few centimetres away from the body. This tuning fork is perfect for removing stuck energy while allowing a client’s body to flow naturally. 

The best way to implement these techniques that integrate the Earth frequency into sound healing is to connect with your client, begin your healing session, and then introduce the Otto Tuning Forks. 

Once you use each instrument, move on to the grounding portion of your healing session. This may include using percussion instruments like an ocean drum or a shaker. For the strongest connection to Earth’s frequency, allow time at the end of the session to stand barefoot in the grass (or on the Earth) with your client.

If you want to learn how to work effectively with the weighted tuning forks in the Otto Set to help yourself and others, check out our Short Course: How to Heal Effectively With Otto Weighted Tuning Forks!

Final Thoughts

We hope this article gave you ideas of how to incorporate Earth frequency into your client’s session, unlocking healing benefits in your and your client’s lives. Next time you are outside, focus your intention on the world around you and prepare your body to receive the heartbeat of the Earth!

If you want to learn more about how to ground, relax and help your mind, body and soul to heal, explore our wide range of Online Sound Healing Courses and In-Person Training Courses, available for beginners through to advanced practitioners. 

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