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How To Balance Your Biofield With Sound Healing

biofield sound healing techniques Nov 18, 2022
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Since ancient times, biofield healing has been known to be one of the most intriguing and efficient ways of healing the human body. This is why as research has progressed, healers and therapists alike have become more aware of how they can support people’s minds, bodies, and souls, which has caused an increasing number of people to seek this holistic approach to healing. 

In this article, we are going to talk about what is the human biofield, and how we can work and balance it with sound healing. 

What Is The Biofield?  

The biofield is a large field of energy that surrounds and extends out from our body about 8 feet/2.4 metres away, and it is not visible to the human eye. However, the biofield can be sensed with the hands, often through pressure or temperature changes.

Many therapists and practitioners can visualise and see colours, but that is not the most common way healers work with one’s biofield. Biofield therapy involves all approaches that work directly with the subtle energy field surrounding the body, which is made up of three vital components:

  1. Meridians 
  2. Chakras
  3. The Biofield (Aura) 

Meridians are energy lines that run through our whole body, and they are an important part of our energy system, and can be worked with through EFT (emotional freedom) techniques. On the other hand, chakras are spinning energy wheels located along the centre of our body, starting from the bottom all the way to the top. 

The benefits of working with our biofield include stress reduction, health and wellness improvement, and a better overall flow of energy through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Types Of Biofield Healing

There are many types of biofield healing, such as:

  • Reiki Healing
  • Healing Touch (HT)
  • Therapeutic Touch 
  • Pranic Healing
  • Qigong
  • Biofield Tuning
  • The Regenetics Method
  • Sound Healing Therapy

All these modalities share certain elements in common: 

  • there are little to no side effects
  • they are not invasive
  • they are economical
  • they are effective
  • they don’t require the client to “believe in it” for it to be effective

The very interesting thing is that historically, all the above therapies have been less researched, but the research has been growing in recent years, and many of them have begun to be used in hospitals and other healthcare settings to support conventional medical treatments.

To keep in mind is that the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our human body are ultimately interconnected with one another and represented within the matrix of the biofield. Therefore, creating a healthier biofield coherence can, in turn, facilitate improved physical, mental, and emotional function. Likewise, facilitating better physical, mental, and emotional functions can result in improved biofield coherence, as there’s a bidirectional relationship between these domains of bio-matter and bio-energy.

And now, let’s look at the harmonious relationship that sound healing and the biofield have when used correctly. 

How Can We Balance Our Biofield With Sound Healing?

Before we move on, it is very important to know What Is Sound Healing and its amazing benefits and properties. In addition, in case you missed it, we have an amazing YouTube Video in which Tony Nec explains What Is Integral Sound Healing that you can check out for more in-depth information.

All living things on this planet have an energy field, including The Earth, The Sun, and all the planets around. Since ancient times, sound has been used to heal, from ancient Egypt up to today’s modern world in which ultrasound is used to detect and diagnose illness, and sound frequencies are used to break up kidney stones.   

But what if there was a tool, a key, or a magic wand that we could use to access this energy field? And what if this tool could correct and recalibrate the dissonance in our biofield, bringing it to its natural state of balance? 

The great news is that there is not only one tool but many, including the famous Tuning Forks, one of the most effective sound healing instruments for biofield clearing. By correctly introducing sounds from tuning forks and other instruments into one’s biofield, we can diminish and resolve any dissonance whilst alleviating and even eliminating the corresponding physical, mental, and/or emotional symptoms. To note is that our biofield is permeated with all our life experiences, therefore, all our physical, mental, and emotional disorders can be perceived as “dissonance” or “noise” in the biofield. 

A certified sound healing practitioner can recognise areas of dissonance and work with the tuning forks’ frequency and vibrations to help the body integrate any unprocessed experiences.

In the remaining part of our article, we talk to our wonderful Sound Healing Teacher, Morag Wylie, about how we can evaluate our biofield, the most effective sound healing instruments we can use to assess our biofield, and much more!

Morag became interested in complementary therapies nearly 30 years ago after being diagnosed with ME/CFS, and today, she has a deep personal understanding of what it’s like to live with a long-term chronic health condition and can empathise with clients who feel stuck. She became a part of our beautiful global community of sound healers by completing her Level 1 Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing Certified Course, followed by the Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing Multi-Instrument Course (1-2-1 Clients) and Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing: Group Work.

How Does Sound Healing Work With Our Biofield?

The science of sound healing is a very interesting field to explore if you’d like to find out how healing sounds can correct any imbalances in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and how it can help our biofield to come back into a state of balance. And now, back to Morag. 

How do we evaluate our biofield?

In our Level 2 Diploma Courses, we teach you how to do a sound assessment in the biofield, however, we also introduce you to this idea in our Level 1 Courses.

We carry out a type of energy scan with sound by moving a sound healing instrument like a Balinese bell, a Tibetan singing bowl, or a bar chime through different layers of the biofield. We train you to listen for changes in the sound of instruments, a skill that takes practice to perfect, but once done, we can learn to pick up a drop-off in sound or a buzzing/wah-wah sound from, say, a Tibetan bowl.

These changes in sound can show areas of imbalance, either excess or depletion, related to specific chakras or layers of our being. These layers go from the physical, which is closest to the body, upwards to the emotional, mental, soul, and finally, spirit.

What sound healing instruments can we use to tune our biofield?

We can use all the main sound healing instruments to balance our biofield. The best ones are the more portable instruments we can hold in our hands and work through the different layers like Tibetan singing bowls, and Unweighted tuning forks are excellent examples. We can also use wind gongs, drums, and even our voices!

What methods can we use?

Again, in our Level 2 Diploma Course, we teach you how to spiral in energy to specific chakras for areas of depletion and spiral out energy for areas of excess. For example, we can tap a Tibetan bowl all around the body going through the different layers.

Or we can very gently tap tuning forks together and smooth out different layers of the biofield by introducing harmonious, calming intervals or by using dissonant intervals to break up stale energy.

We can also use a single tuning fork to balance the biofield targeting the areas that presented as depleted or in excess working through the energetic bodies to create a pure tone.

What Are The Benefits Of Working On Our Biofield?

Physical disease in the body is often preceded by energetic blockages caused by past trauma or suppressed emotions, which can leave an energetic imprint. Our biofield is, in effect, a timeline of all the things that have happened in our lives, such as events from birth that show up about 6 feet out from the body and events from halfway through our lives around halfway (3 feet out).

When picking up areas of imbalance, we can often help our clients to identify specific traumas or events that led to the start of the imbalance. This may be something like a bereavement, a car accident or even something like a bad fall or an emotional shock.

By working in the biofield, we can target the root cause rather than simply the physical manifestation of the illness. In this way, we may even be able to prevent future illness before it develops physical symptoms. 

Working On Our Biofield & Working On The Body

By working with sound healing instruments on the body, we are working at a more physical level as we are targeting muscles, organs, nerves, plexuses, and tissues. The vibrations from tuning forks, for example, can stimulate nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and encourages blood and lymph flow. Working on the body can lead to deep relaxation whilst activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

So I would say that by working on the body, we encourage the body to heal itself, while working in the biofield involves clearing patterns that caused the disease. 

Michell Gaynor, for example, was a leading US oncologist that treated his cancer patients with conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, he also encouraged them to use crystal bowls and other methods to clear the reasons that their cancer manifested. The result was that his clients had a much lower rate of recurrence of their cancers.

Some people just want to use sound healing to cultivate deep relaxation, so this is an important part of what we do, as the benefits of deep relaxation should never be underestimated because, in itself, it can trigger the body’s natural healing responses.

How do you work with instruments on the body with your clients?

There are many ways of working on the body, which we teach in both our Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Here are a couple:

  • Weighted tuning forks can be used on tight muscles like the shoulders to help relax them. They can also be used in certain areas like the sacrum or the sternum to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Tibetan bowls can be placed on the body over specific chakras to relax and balance these areas. A bowl filled with warm water and placed on the back is very beneficial and highly relaxing because it feels a bit like a hot stone massage as the warmth helps the sound vibrations to penetrate deep into the body. 

What have your clients said after receiving a sound healing session from you? 

I think a very rewarding case for me was a client who came with arthritis in her hands and wrists as she was experiencing pain and tingling. We talked about what had been going on for her recently, emotionally as well as physically. She had lost both her parents, one closely after the other, and hadn’t taken the time out to grieve properly. 

We worked on her biofield as a solution, and she took time to grieve and feel her emotions. The energy flow down her arms improved after clearing this grief, and she experienced a significant improvement in her arthritis. Much of the pain completely cleared, and her emotional well-being scores went from 2 out of 10 to 9! 

Can you tell us your top best practices when working with the biofield?

  • Take your time and listen to what you hear.
  • Pay closer attention to feeling any changes in the vibration of your instrument through your fingertips or hands.
  • Trust your instincts. If you are drawn to a certain area, that will usually be correct.
  • A good relationship with your client is important. This isn’t a sound bath, so you are getting feedback from your client during the sound healing session about what they are feeling.
  • You don’t need to know the event that caused the imbalance, but sometimes clients can gain useful insights about things long forgotten.

Final Thoughts

Working with our biofield is a magical and mystical process, as one is working in an area that is hidden in plain view. It is a powerful way to help us resolve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that we would not otherwise be able to resolve. 

If you want to learn more effective techniques to work with sound healing instruments and your voice to correct distortions in the biofield, chakras, and meridians, check out our Level 2 Diploma Courses In Integral Sound Healing!

Alternatively, if you have any questions about our Sound Healing Online Courses, In-Person Sound Healing Training Courses, or anything else, please contact us, and keep an eye on our social media channels to deepen your journey with healing sounds along with us!

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