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What Are The Benefits Of Mantra Meditation?

meditation self care Jul 13, 2022
woman holding a tibetan bowl during a mantra meditation

Throughout the multitude of spiritual practices these days, you’ve probably heard the words “mantra meditation” a few times. But what exactly are mantras for meditation, and what are the benefits of mantra meditation on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels?

In this article, we will introduce you to the beautiful world of meditation mantras and guide you on how to do a mantra meditation of your own that doesn’t depend on your level of experience with meditation or mantras alike.

 What is a Mantra?

The word “Mantra” comes from the Sanskrit language and is broken down into two special parts: “man”, which means mind, and “tra”, which means transport, vehicle, or release. This leads to the interpretation of an instrument or a vehicle that helps to transport, elevate, or release the mind.

Generally speaking, most people experience and use mantras to retreat from their regular mental chatter and instead deepen their intuition, joy, peace, and serenity. Think of a mantra like a word or a phrase you repeat during meditation to empty and quiet the busy mind. 

The most important thing to acknowledge is that there is no wrong way to meditate, and there is no single correct approach to how you choose to use meditation and mantras together. 

How Mantras work

Mantras are sound vibrations that can help shape our reality, better said, they are “energy-based sounds that create thought-energy waves” (according to Sanskrit scholar Thomas Ashley Farrand). 

Every single sound of the Sanskrit alphabet corresponds to the chakra system, which is the conductor of electromagnetic energy in the human body. Here, the channels that run through the chakra system are called nadis, and the human body contains around 72,000 nadis that allow prana (or life force energy) to circulate freely through every cell of our being. 

Now imagine the chakras as radiant flowers stacked along the spine. Each sound of the Sanskrit alphabet corresponds to a particular petal on a specific chakra (flower in this case). This means that every time we chant a particular mantra or healing sound, we water that specific flower, just as water nourishes a garden. In the same way, mantras water all that benefits our being on all planes of existence. 

Eventually, with practice and commitment, the garden will bear fruits in the form of unconditional love, healing, compassion, and abundance, or that needed by every individual to achieve an elevated state of being and consciousness. Even more, a regular mantra chanting meditation can radiate outward as well, thus being a beautiful offering for a friend, family member, neighbor, and even Mother Earth! In case you’ve missed it, we wrote an article on How to activate your chakras with Bija Mantras, and additionally, you can also check out our YouTube Demonstration.



How do Mantras benefit meditation?

During meditation, the mind has a natural tendency to drift away, and mantras can offer a focal point for them to become still. 

So the process is very simple - during meditation, whenever we notice our mind wandering to today’s to-do list, emails, work, and anything else in between, we simply repeat our chosen mantra to bring ourselves back into the present moment. And once it gets repeated again and again (chanted), the natural rhythm of the mantra creates a powerful getaway into the now, the present. 

When choosing a mantra for meditation, “Om” is the first phrase that comes to mind for most people. When chanted, the Om Mantra Meditation creates beautiful vibrations within the mind and body and an energetic vibratory framework that can instill a natural sense of calmness and positivity into our being. However, our individual beliefs and the meaning of each particular mantra will magnify its benefits greatly.

Another well-known practice is the Gayatri Mantra Meditation, which burns all layers of impurities covering the mind accumulated through countless births, and it bestows the vision of supreme consciousness. When chanted, this special meditation mantra creates a vibration that aligns the chakras in the body, allowing the natural flow of energy, and it is best chanted in a soft voice, with a calm mind, and in a peaceful surrounding. 

And last, but not least, another very well-known practice is the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Meditation, a well-loved Buddhist mantra, translated as “the jewel is in the lotus”. It is said that every one of the Buddha’s teachings is believed to reside within this one powerful mantra, and when repeated over and over again, one can invoke the loving and unconditional qualities of compassion. Whether said aloud or silently to yourself, this is one mantra you’ll want to practice to connect with your innately loving and compassionate nature.

How to pick the best Mantra for you?

There are plenty of meditation mantras that you can choose from, however, no matter which mantra you choose, the key is intention. 

Whether you want to work with mantras on your own or to receive one from a spiritual teacher, you will want to have a clear intention for why and how you wish to utilize this sacred practice. A great way to decide which is the best meditation practice for you, try to observe how spontaneously and effortlessly you are drawn toward specific mantras. Observe what is reflected in your mind and listen attentively to what is echoing in your heart, and you will know which mantra will serve you in the highest and best possible way. 

How to do a Mantra Meditation

Once you’ve got a mantra in mind, it’s time to start using it. Remember, your mantra could be something as simple yet powerful as “I am Love”, “I am peace”, “I am present”, or anything else that you feel called to chant/focus on. 

  • Get comfortable - find a quiet place where you can meditate without being interrupted, and find a position you can hold for the length of your meditation  
  • Set a timer - decide how long you want to meditate (anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes) and set your timer, however, try to use a quiet and relaxing sound such as birdsongs, so the alarm won’t snap you out from your peaceful state  
  • Take a few deep breaths - start paying closer attention to your breathing without trying to control it, and focus on the sensations you feel in your body as you breathe   
  • Use your chosen mantra - while continuing to breathe slowly and freely through your nose, you can gently begin to chant your mantra (you can either say it out loud or repeat it silently, however, we encourage you to say it out loud to truly feel its sound vibration)  
  • Let the breath be your guide - as you are settling into your meditation practice, allow your breath to sync with the mantra to create a natural rhythm  
  • Gently redirect any wandering thoughts - don’t try to force those unwanted thoughts to leave, and instead, acknowledge them, let them go, and continue with your breathing and your mantra  
  • Close the meditation - when the timer goes off, take a few moments to sit with your quiet mind, close the alarm, and remain with your eyes closed in your comfortable position 
  • Allow a moment of silence - let your breath bring you back into your body, and start checking in with yourself - do you feel more relaxed, optimistic, joyful, or/and peaceful?

Mantra Meditation benefits

Here are some of the many benefits you will receive by creating and maintaining a regular practice: 

Greater understanding of your mind

When you can sit down and meditate peacefully, you will begin to witness the complex nature of your mind and how far off track it can take you. The mind usually starts spinning, and it transports you to events and happenings that might’ve happened years ago, thus evoking feelings and emotions that are not happening anymore in the present moment. Even if the wounds have healed, the memory and thoughts alone can bring up a lot of feelings, which lead to thoughts, which lead to more feelings, and the wheel goes round and round. So learning how to control this negative cycle can greatly improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Increased focus

Meditation doesn’t come easily to everyone, so taking time and practicing meditation with a mantra will occupy your awareness, thus helping it prevent from drifting off in other directions. Meditating with a word you like the sound of or one that makes you happy can also reinforce a sense of great joy and presence.

Alleviate stress and any negative states

As humans, we have an incredible threshold for pain, however, we have a great capacity for carrying around things that do not belong and serve us anymore, such as anger, jealousy, pain, and remorse. Mantra meditation can create a safe way into a higher perspective of your thinking while helping you discern where and when to put your energy into a specific situation and when is the best time to let go.

Calm your nervous system and relax

The nervous system is one of the vital systems in our body, and it is made of many parts, including the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for the flight or fight reaction. Due to the uncontrollable stress and thoughts that happen daily, many of us live in this state. On the other hand, the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for the rest and digesting function. This means that when we meditate, we encourage our bodies to bring balance and health into our being.

Witness your heart and the heart of others

The first step towards leading a spiritual life is to have compassion, and we all have a human heart with feelings. The more compassion we can develop for our fellow men and woman, the greater the ability to treat one another with respect and love. Connecting to our hearts is one of the most important things we as spiritual and human beings must do, and there are many ways we can do so. Did you know that your heartbeat and the frame drum have more things in common than you thought? If not, make sure to read our blog!

Final thoughts

If you’ve read this far, you must be interested in the practice of mantra meditation and its powerful benefits for your mind, body, and soul, and we are delighted about that! 

Cultivating a genuine mantra meditation practice will nurture your innate potential for happiness and awareness, bringing you closer to a state of bliss and serenity during these challenging times. And remember…if you don’t have much success with the first mantra, it may help to find one that resonates more with your current frame of mind and meditation goals. The key is finding one that works for you!

Most people who meditate do it for a very good reason: relaxation, cultivating compassion, self-care, self-love, etc. Choosing a mantra that reflects your goals can help you focus on what you truly want to get out of your meditation practice. We hope you feel inspired to at least consider if a mantra meditation is a good choice for you.

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