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Integral Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System

Online Course

Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn about effective techniques for working with the Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Learn the basic science of the ANS, including Polyvagal Theory.  This is covered in a series of video tutorials involving talks with slides
  • Learn Integral sound healing techniques to correct poor functioning of the ANS in clients.  This is covered in a series of instructional videos in which the techniques are demonstrated. 
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Welcome to this Online Course covering Integral Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System!

This uncertified course provides you with a wonderful opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills for working effectively with healing sounds to positively correct imbalances in the functioning of clients' autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The ANS is our body's primary control center.  With its two main divisions, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system (or vagus), the ANS represents a superordinate control center in the body.

It controls and regulates subordinate processes and all vital functions, including blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, immune system, endocrine system, digestive system, energy supply, etc.

Therefore, by working appropriately to correct the functioning of the ANS, we can help our clients to heal a wide range of physical, emotional and mental health challenges.

You will need to have the sound healing instruments that are used in the videos tutorials to practice the techniques.

The following instruments are recommended for following this course and applying the techniques:

  • Weighted 128Hz tuning fork
  • Weighted 64Hz tuning fork
  • 2 Tibetan (Himalayan) singing bowls tuned to a perfect fifth musical interval, for example notes C & G or D & A (or with another harmonious interval).
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The following instruments are optional but not essential:

  • Perfect Fifth Tuned Pipes
  • Crystal Singing Bowls with harmonious musical intervals


What you'll learn on this course:-

  • the basic science of the ANS, including polyvagal theory
  • how sound affects the functioning of the ANS
  • effective sound healing techniques to improve the functioning of the ANS, including how to tonify the vagus nerve to apply a "VAGAL BREAK"

What you'll get when you join this course:-

  • access to our our online learning portal with video tutorials, PDF downloads, assessment charts, case study forms and other great learning resources
  • Opportunity to join our Facebook international support group, share experiences, view livestreams and have questions answered in our global sound healing community


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Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System

Module 1

The fundamentals of the Autonomic Nervous System, including Polyvagal Theory in more detail and the application of Polyvagal Theory to Integral Sound Healing.

Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System

Module 2

Various techniques for assessing the Autonomic Nervous System, including live action demos.

Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System

Module 3

Integral Sound Healing For Sympathetic Dominance, using various instruments including Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls.

Sound Healing and the ANS

Module 4

Integral Sound Healing For Parasympathetic Dominance, including breathing patterns, client engagement and releasing techniques.

Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System

Module 5

Advanced Tips - 

  • Core recommendations for client self-care practices appropriate to ANS functional states (active and passive methods)
  • Advanced methods for transcendental states of conscious awareness appropriate to ANS functional states

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