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Mastering Marketing

The Digital Marketing Toolkit For Your Sound Healing Business

Mastering Marketing
  • This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to turn your sound healing practice into a successful business. 

  • Cover the basics of digital marketing, and how you can apply digital marketing tactics to grow your sound healing business.

  • Whether you come from a business background or have no formal training, this course will get you started in your digital marketing journey while giving you the confidence you need to thrive! 
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Course Preview


Your Teacher: Gareth Laffely 

Gareth is a Sound Healing Practitioner, trained through the Sound Healing Academy. He is also an award-winning Native American flute composer and holds a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing.

Gareth Laffely

What You Get When Joining This Marketing Course 


Free training from an experienced Sound Healing Academy Marketing expert

9 video tutorials on various aspects of digital marketing

A PDF download for each section, plus one covering all sections 


Videos Included

  • Digital Marketing 101
  • Creating your personal brand
  • How to use Facebook to grow your business
  • How to use Instagram to grow your business
  • Creating content that converts
  • Why owning your Sound Healing website is important
  • Must haves for a great website
  • Creating a blog and newsletter for regular engagement
  • The more technical side of your website
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What You'll Get

Welcome To This Marketing Course

Find out what are we going to cover in this Digital Marketing Toolkit Course.

Video 1: Digital Marketing One-To-One

Understand why learning how to digitally market your sound healing business is vital.

Video 2: How To Create Your Personal Brand

Find out what are the differences between branding and marketing, and how to do them.

Video 3: How To Use Facebook To Grow

Explore free and paid marketing methods, hashtags, events, insights and more.

Video 4: How To Use Instagram To Grow

Learn how to set up Linktree and a content calendar, use organic growth methods and more.

Video 5: How To Create Content That Converts

Learn a strong foundational understanding of what type of content will yield the best results.

Video 6: Why Owning Your Website Is important

Explore the reasons why having a website for your sound healing business is so important.

Video 7: Must Haves For A Great Website

Discover the top 10 qualities a great website needs & the do's and don't when creating one.

Video 8: How To Create A Blog & Email Newsletter

Learn how to create content on a regular basis to drive engagement for your business.

Video 9: Don't Forget About SEO

Fid out what is SEO, why is it so important, how to do it, Google Analytics and more.

Thank You For Joining Us In This Course

Go through a recap on what you have learnt in this Digital Marketing Toolkit Course.

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