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This free course will inspire you to get started and develop your skills for online sound healing.

It's packed with practical tips to help you feel confident and succeed with live online integral sound healing sessions for 1-2-1 clients and groups.

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If you follow the suggestions in this course...

  • as a Sound Healing Academy student you will be able to complete workbooks, case studies and practical exams from the comfort of your home

  • as a graduate practitioner you'll be able to maintain and expand your fee-paying clients, providing a valuable service that's greatly needed in these challenging times

If you haven't yet joined our training, you may well find this course interesting and useful and you're welcome to join it too! 

With online sound healing, geographical barriers dissolve into unlimited potential!

Success stories

You'll hear how people have relaxed, felt peaceful, recovered from chronic pain and more...


You'll discover skills and techniques for online sound healing with many instruments 

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Learn how to help people online in these challenging times!
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What you'll get when you join this course:

  • 6 videos (average 20 minutes each) filled with success stories and practical tips on how to deliver online integral sound healing for both 1-2-1 clients and groups.
  • 6 additional videos demonstrating effective online sound healing techniques.
  • Webinar recording plus briefing documents covering no cost; low cost; medium cost and higher cost technical solutions for live online sound healing.
  • Altogether, 5 hours of video training plus other great learning resources to help you feel confident doing online sound healing!

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