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Sound Healing Practitioner - Emma Wright - Ashtead, Surrey

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Emma Wright
Emma Wright Sound Healer
Emma Wright Sound Healer

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy with Tuning Forks

  • Sessions include a combination of sounds tailored to each client’s intentions, individual needs and goals
  • A unique approach to each session gives a fresh understanding and insight into the self, can be energising, uplifting and introduces feelings of lightness into the physical body
  • Sound healing packages complement Emma’s other therapies: massage, shiatsu, reflexology and hypnotherapy. Clients have shared their experiences of even more powerful health benefits when sound healing is enjoyed alongside these other therapies
  • The most popular fifteen and thirty minute packages include calming anxiety, balancing the nervous system, lifting depression and deepening sleep
  • Gain clarity and new ways of seeing in the mind
  • Sound therapy is an alternative approach to calming the emotions
  • Recordings are available so the benefits of sound healing are enjoyed long after face to face or online sessions. Like a meditation tool the sounds take you to a safe place

Emma’s experience of sound healing

  • In 2010 began with her visits to Himalayan temples high in the mountains observing, listening to and enjoying this experience especially Tibetan monks performing sound healing ceremonies
  • Emma feels an affinity with the healing qualities of sound. She plays the clarinet, the saxophone, and the Native American Flute
  • In 2020 she started experimenting with tuning forks to combine their magical sounds with other sound instruments in client sessions
  • Regularly combines self-hypnosis and sound, with each instrument making this a unique experience

Emma’s values

  • Engages passionately to explore ways to maximise the emotional, physical and spiritual health of her clients, all key for a meaningful life
  • Proud to be helping clients regularly to be their best selves and to help take charge of anxiety and trauma
  • Pursuing lifelong study of health and wellbeing alongside seeing clients being true to her values of optimal health, improving helping skills and passing on knowledge

Emma’s background

  • After overcoming chronic pain, stress and anxiety in the past, Emma transitioned from a long career in Retail Banking to establish a mind-body therapy business in 2006
  • Volunteer therapist for the charity Anxiety UK. Past volunteer role with MacMillan Cancer. These experiences continue to strengthen and deepen her compassion and empathy particularly for the fragility of health. She feels a huge determination to help clients enjoy their best lives

Emma’s qualifications

  • Include a degree in Psychology with the Open University and a postgraduate qualification with the University of London in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Sounds transform the mind: calms and relaxes thoughts and encourages clarity, so an understanding of the human mind is essential
  • Diploma in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Morley College, London. This includes knowledge of acupressure points on which Emma uses weighted tuning forks on the physical body like acupressure needles are used

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Ashtead, Surrey, UK


07855 173810




Level 1 Foundation Certificate: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

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Level 2: Practitioner Diploma In Integral Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

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