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Sound Healing Practitioner -Ā KathrynĀ RowanĀ LischerelliĀ - Florida,Ā USA

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Kathryn Rowan Lischerelli

Nationally Board-Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Integral Sound Practitioner, and Ceremonialist

Hello! I'm Kathryn Rowan. I'm a holistic wellness professional who is passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being by connecting today's Lifestyle Medicine with ancient Ancestral Healing. With over 20 years of practice and study in Ancestral Medicine, I combine traditional Northern European ancestral healing wisdom with modern Lifestyle Medicine to create individualized and customized wellness plans for each client.

As a board-certified health coach, I am an expert in human behavior, the science of motivation, and personalized health. I help clients improve their overall health and well-being through behavior change and lifestyle modifications. I work with clients to identify health goals, create a personalized action plan, and provide support and guidance throughout the process of making sustainable changes. My approach is holistic, focusing on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, while also addressing underlying social, spiritual, and psychological issues that may impact overall well-being. I collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for my clients.

As a certified integral sound practitioner, I have undergone specialized training in using sound as a therapeutic tool to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I am able to provide clients with unique experiences that integrate sound healing techniques with other modalities, such as meditation, breathwork, and visualization to optimize the beneficial effects of sounds. I am passionate about helping others discover the transformative power of sound, and am dedicated to creating safe and supportive spaces for individuals to explore their health through the use of sound. Whether it's working one-on-one or in a group setting, my goal is to help clients achieve greater balance, harmony, and vitality in their lives.

As a Ceremonialist, I draw on my training and experience to create and lead ceremonies that honor life transitions, help clients integrate change, and deepen their spiritual connections. I believe in empowering my clients to take an active role in their own healing, which is why I encourage the use of personal rituals and ceremonies inspired by the ancient ways of the North. I see nature, the elements, and the cycles of the seasons as mirrors of our journey through life, and I strive to help my clients connect with these natural rhythms. My work is informed by my background as a Certified Birth Doula, Death Doula, Ordained Clergy, a graduate of a Sacred Mystery School for Women, and student of the Northern Gateway. I use earth-based, nature-inspired ritual and ceremony to help my clients find meaning in life's mysteries and support themselves through life's transitions. Whether it's through honoring the arrival of a new life, celebrating a commitment ceremony, saying goodbye to a loved one, planning and preparing for your own death, or simply finding deeper connection and purpose in living everyday life, ritual and ceremony can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.

Kathryn Rowan Lischerelli Sound Healer

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Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instrument)

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Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing Multi-Instrument Course (1-2-1 Clients)

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