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Sound Healing Practitioner - Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic - Zagreb, Croatia

Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic
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About Petra

My name is Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic. I was born on the 28th of March 1977 in Zagreb, Croatia. I have been involved in music since I was 16. I started composing, engineering, arranging, and producing music. For 15 years, I was a studio owner and producer. These skills helped me later on in producing all my sound therapies.

Apart from my fascination with sound and vibration, I have a big passion for life, humanity, and human consciousness. This curiosity leads me to master and work with different energy, body, and mind techniques (Reiki, Ho’oponopono, Tesla Metamorphosis, different types of meditation, conscious breathing, and Body Technique).

Before my formal education in sound, for ten years, I was doing a lot of self-education, research, and experimental work.

Working with sound made me realise that it could be used as a perfect tool for self-improvement in many different ways, to help ourselves live a more quality everyday life. Through the usage of sound, we can bring ourselves to a wanted mood or state and change a state of dis-ease into a state of ease and balance. I have my own methodology of producing sonic journeys, and I call it the Blackbird method.

Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic

In 2017 I developed VOICEFLOW - a personalised sound therapy. Voiceflow is created on the basis of frequencies that are extracted from one's voice. Once the frequencies are extracted the body/mind condition is analysed. Based on this analysis (that shows the background causes of imbalances) I produce the individual sound therapy - it is a tailor-made therapy just for that person.

In 2018. I created and launched an application called Soundhealz for android and iOS (

In 2019, together with my partner Lara Ljubičić we formed Sonic Group Ltd., and launched our first product called Sonic Pills (

Sonic Pill has been recognised as an innovation in the field of new technologies and became a multi-award-winning product on international fares in Nurnberg (iEna 2019.), Seoul (SiiF 2019.), Warsaw (IWIS 2020.) and Zagreb (Arca 2020.)

Since 2018, I am a member of the Sound Healers Association after training in sound healing at Mr. Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds in the US.

In 2021. I graduated Sound therapy with tuning forks from Sound Healing Academy in GB.

Working with sound is my passion and my mission, and I continue to research and experiment with sound on daily basis.

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Zagreb, Croatia


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Level 1 Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instrument)

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Level 2 Practitioner Diploma: Integral Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

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