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Sound Healing Teacher - Sana Bokhari - London, UK

About Sana

Sana is an Educator and Holistic therapist, and is transitioning into teaching with the Sound Healing Academy. As a senior leader in London secondary schools and colleges she specialises in teaching Science, Health & Social care and providing for those with additional learning needs/disabilities.

Sound Healing practitioner with Crystal Singing Bowls

Sana went through an episode some years ago whereby the work pressures of senior leadership began to negatively impact her health. She first became aware of it on the mental/emotional levels, but as any other person might do, Sana chose to ignore these signs and push through with ever increasing responsibilities, work load, and deadlines.

Soon enough, her physical health became impacted and Sana, for the first time, turned to the holistic practices of yoga, meditation, massage and sound healing. As she experienced the restoration of her health she fell in love with holistic work, especially with Sound Healing, and felt a strong pull to pursue this as her own career. As well as Sound Healing she is qualified in Qigong, reflexology, and Reiki, and is studying Thai Massage and Meditation Teacher training.

"I’m now the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been due to listening to my heart, and allowing myself to come into my true calling, which is to serve others. I want to share, through everything I’ve learnt, all the energy medicines, the power and light with others. I yearn to pass my light on to others who are ready to receive, like the handing over of a baton, and allow them to go into the world and in turn, pass their light on to those around them and so on. Teaching Sound Healing and my holistic practice are both wonderful opportunities for me to do this."

Sound Healing in particular has changed my life. It was the catalyst to my exploring and discovering different layers of myself and of life itself. It has led me to deeper depths of self healing and through sound healing new doors have opened for me. My life perspective and the path I now walk have been significantly shaped by the healing and opportunities introduced to me through this.

The Sound Healing Academy has a uniquely profound approach to sound healing. I’m so grateful  that I came across this amazing organisation and took the decision to become a student, and now a teacher.

Sound Healing Practitioner holding Tuning Forks
Sound Healing Practitioner with Crystal Singing Bowls

It is an honour and a joy to share sound healing with others. I hold regular sound baths in my local community and receive clients at my clinic for individual sound healing. What fascinates me is how each consecutive session, the sounds gently peel away all the various layers of the client, slowly, layer by layer, to bring to the surface what has been deeply, and often unconsciously held on to.

This is great because the sound medicine is then used to transform whatever is no longer needed and to bring healing and restoration for that individual in its place. It’s the fusion between science and ancient wisdoms that sound healing brings that I find so enticing and awe-inducing when I teach, and work with myself and others. It’s what, for me, makes it stand out from other healing modalities, and thats why I have a such passion to pass it on.”

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London, England


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London Workshops:


Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instrument)

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Level 1 Foundation Certificate: Sound Healing With Crystal Bowls

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Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing Multi-Instrument Course (1-2-1 Clients)

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Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing: Group Work

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