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Testimonials - Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing

Certified Online Course

What people are saying about this online course

"I think this course is great! I have learned heaps. I have been using singing bowls in my work for many years and I wanted to expand my knowledge by doing a recognized course, with teachers who are really experienced and knowledgeable sound healing professionals, and I wanted to gain some certification.

This course was an excellent choice and I am so glad I found it. I have found all the material (exercises, video tutorials, audio recording, handbook), and the support provided to be first class. Absolutely top shelf.

Tony Nec is a brilliant teacher, Jane is too, and the support staff and faculty are fabulous. I really love the way Tony breaks up the material into small bite-size easy-to-understand and digest packages – video and written – it is the way I learn very quickly, and as a teacher myself, I know that most people do as well. It is not tiring, because you are able to learn at your own pace and because the segments are relatively short, a student is able to learn quickly and move on quickly through the course. Tony has a wonderful gift with his way of teaching and explaining things clearly and succinctly, and all in a very pleasant and friendly manner. I feel I know him quite well now!

He is also great at being precise and concise. Some online teachers waffle on for hours. It can be excruciating for a student to have to sit through hours of video material, because the teacher is not good at making a simple point and moving on. Knowing your stuff and imparting good usable knowledge in a simple, easy manner and knowing how to be concise and to self-edit is a real talent… and Tony is outstanding!"

- Peter Morley (Certified Yoga teacher - Rockingham, Western Australia.)

“The course was perfect for me. I was in perpetual amazement. Tony is a natural and brings such commitment and authenticity. Completely appreciating the immense opportunity this course offered to really understand vibrational balancing, and the importance of our intention and heart connection. Was very happy with the ease and effortless flow. I loved the enthusiasm that was present with participant comments and staff. I was delighted with the list of reading resources, and the sense SHA was open to sharing and receiving information for the greater good. Profoundly moved with the integrity I felt in all the presentations.”

Claudia Kimzey (West Liberty, Iowa, USA)

"I have absolutely loved this course. The content online, through the teaching instruction videos, the audio downloads and the webinars was exceptional. A lot of information with a nice balanced amount of spiritual and scientific information."

- Trina Norham (Mitchell, Queensland, Australia)

"This course was everything that I had hoped it to be and far more!"

- Dawn McKelvie (Chatham, Kent, England)

"I really enjoyed this course and found it to be clear, easy to follow, and full of useful and illuminating information. I'm really happy that I decided to enrol in this course and I feel like now I have a complete basic understanding of sound therapy. I have already started to integrate these instruments in my daily singing and DJing practice, so that I can create and record powerful sound journeys."

- Silvia (Milan, Italy)

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