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Testimonials - Level 2 Tuning Forks

Online Course

What people are saying about our Level 2 Tuning Forks online course


"The course is well structure and informative. It’s quite easy to follow the modules and videos (once my brain fog got around it!) The short videos were extremely good, especially for my learning with having poor concentration. The demonstration of the tuning fork techniques were clear and the hand outs were very beneficial to me. I was able to glance at them during sessions to remind me what to do. The more I practised the less I needed to rely on them."

 ~ Anon  

"The Academy gave me excellent knowledge in sound as a healing modality and led me to become a confident and skilled sound therapist. The courses are put together in a very professional way, through modules that cover various techniques and protocols, leading you methodically, step by step, to the powerful 10 step method of Integral Sound Healing. The fantastic Tony Nec leads you through this process in a very profound way. I would recommend Sound Healing Academy to anyone who wants to go professional into sound healing and also for those who wish to deepen their knowledge in alternative approaches to health!"

~ Petra Crnetic (Croatia)    

"I feel blessed that I discovered your course. The course is extremely well put together, easy to understand, and I will continue to refer back to the modules!"

~ Natalie Brown (USA)

"This course was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Very informative!"

~ Saida Jusic (Canada)

"I have absolutely loved this course! The content online, teaching instruction videos, audio downloads and webinars were all exceptional. A lot of information with a nice balanced amount of spiritual and scientific information!"

~ Trina Norham (Australia) 

"This course was everything that I had hoped it to be and far more!"

~ Dawn McKelvie (UK) 

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