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Testimonials - Level 1 Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing

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What people are saying about this live online workshop course


"I really enjoyed it. Natalie is a very good teacher. Not only her knowledge and expertise but also her methods and manner made me feel that we were in very good hands. Taking this workshop confirmed to me that I should pursue this further. I like the way the information was imparted to us, even though it was via Zoom we still got to practice and interact with each other. This class was excellent in my opinion."

- Kathleen (Center Harbor, New Hampshire, USA)

 "I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I enjoyed the interaction with the other students. Natalie Brown, our instructor, was very informative and engaging. She was clear and precise. I would definitely take another class or workshop with her. The small and intimate size of the class made it easy to be comfortable and feel safe to freely express and learn. The way the course was structured with videos and slides, as well as live stream made it more interesting. I enjoyed Natalie’s teaching style. She was fun and light. "

- Keli (Waddell, Arizona, USA)

I’ve enjoyed the course and the weekend of live virtual with Natalie was filled with information and practice. I am looking forward to working my way through the materials and submitting the workbook. Looking forward to offering sounds baths in my yoga classes soon! This course is wonderful!

- Karin (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

"I found the workshop fantastic. It was a more in depth look at what is available online through the training module and gives us a chance to practice on one another and build confidence. Being someone who already works in a healing field, this course made me realize that I had been playing on the edges and not fully utilizing my crystal singing bowls, my chakra Tibetan bowl set or my handmade drum. I have been effective in my healing work, but feel now that I am able to take it to another level. So glad I did this course."

- Donna (Nowra, NSW, Australia)

"I’ve been very happy with the course, there was so much more than I expected. Inga is also extraordinary, she teaches with such passion and energy, and has such a good vibe. I can only recommend it to friends. The weekend felt too short - even if we were doing it through zoom, the connection among the group was very strong."

- Navine C. (London, England)

"For my level 1 zoom online workshop- multi - ‘The three days spent with Inga on the Foundation course were both exquisite and absorbing. Inga facilitated us with her knowledge, passion, and her warm wonderful energy. Very enjoyable and I can’t recommend enough."

- Greg (Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England)

Natalie is an amazing teacher! Her authenticity and passion for sound healing comes through in her teaching. I appreciated the well-structured curriculum and enjoyed learning about the history, science, art and Alchemy of sound healing. The communication from both the Academy and Natalie was Amazing. I like the accountability placed on the students to earn their certification and not just merely passing through the class. I feel this does a great service to both the students and their future clients.  

- Debora N. (Fairway, Kansas, USA)

"I loved attending this live online class. It combined the ease of learning from home, with the practical application of trying out various techniques with my instruments. I appreciated being able to ask questions in real time with my tutor and learn from her personal experience. For me this method of learning really enhanced and added to the excellent videos provided on the online platform.

Getting additional information from Natalie, not just the extra techniques but hearing her explanations of the material to add to the information provided online. She has extra powerpoint material and research info, and book suggestions which enhanced the information already provided. And of course hearing and seeing her instruments, and being able to practice them in a group situation. Natalie did an amazing job in presenting this teaching in an online format. Not an easy task! She was very professional throughout. I just loved it all!"

- Carolyn R.

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