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Testimonials - Level 2 Diploma: Integral Sound Healing For Working 1-2-1 With Clients 

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What people are saying about our Live Online Level 2 (1-2-1) Workshop Courses

"I loved how interactive the workshop was, especially for an online setting. We had breakout sessions where we were able to practice the techniques on each other and we were also given plenty of opportunity to practice and work on ourselves. I’ve gained a lot of practical experience and knowledge to give me the extra confidence I need to prepare for my case studies. Inga was wonderfully supportive, knowledgeable, and patient with our many questions. She has a wealth of experience that she lovingly and openly shared with us.

I loved being part of the drum circle – even though we couldn’t hear each other (but we could hear Inga), the experience was still very powerful and I felt so peaceful afterwards. I also loved being guided into relaxation / meditation by Inga for the client connection practice. The group connection felt very strong. And I loved practicing energy assessment on each other over Zoom because this was something I was nervous about doing beforehand!"

~ Sally Third (Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England)

"It was great, it met and exceeded all expectations. Thanks again for your wisdom and for sharing your experience with us. Bless! What I enjoyed most of Level 2 was the live session of drumming and finally get some in-depth understanding of Notes and Intervals and the explanation of their effects on clients, the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Inga is a great and very patient tutor." 

~ Carolina Zucchelli (London, England)

"I truly enjoyed the pace of the sessions. I also thought that your presentation was superb. You kept things moving along without rushing through any of the portions. Lastly, you truly brought everyone together, providing us with a deep sense of comradery. That isn't an easy accomplishment when presented remotely." 

~ Adam Szwarek (Hudson, Florida, USA)

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