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What people are saying about our Single Instrument Live Online workshop courses

"The Sound Healing with Voice online workshops with Simone were such an enlightening and beautiful experience. Even though we were meeting from a distance, I could feel the healing power of Simone's voice, as well as her deep love for and experience with sound and voice as a healing tool, through the computer. Her passion made learning so engaging, and overall, it left me feeling uplifted and excited to continue my voice practice, so I can one day integrate it into my yoga offerings. Thank you to Simone and Sound Healing Academy for this opportunity!"

- Brittanie Calilan Tulabut (Fairfield, California, USA)

"I highly recommend Natalie and The Sound Healing Academy for both individual and practitioner education in Sound Healing. I am so happy I found this class and acquired my singing bowls. Not only have I found a new hobby to deepen my meditation and self care, but I am advancing my acupuncture and bodywork sessions with sound therapy. I feel confident and have an understanding of how to use the singing bowls with myself and on clients after taking this course. I am excited to keep learning through the coursework and advance to level 2. Thank you Natalie!"

- Danielle B. (Denver, Colorado, USA)

"The online sessions were fantastic, as Simone was like that Universal instrument; lively, energetic, passionate about the subject and full of vocal surprises. I have experienced a very strong energy flowing through my body after the Chakra sound meditation and other toning exercises, so this is a testament that Simone's teaching is very profound and effective. Thank you very much"

- Irma (Ashtead, Surrey, England)

"I have found the course extremely interesting. I am so glad that I decided to upgrade to the certification course as this has just cemented the knowledge that I learnt online with my tutor Morag. The online zoom course was very easy to follow, Morag explained things in a very clear and concise manner. You can tell Morag is very passionate about her bowls and sound healing as this shone through on the course. I found the course very easy to follow despite having no prior knowledge of instruments, musicality, or sound healing. I would rate it 10/10 and recommend it highly to anyone who is interesting in learning the Tibetan Bowls. It is a very in-depth introduction to the bowls and has now got me hooked on learning more."

- Ocean Montell (Port St - Mary, Isle of Man)

"Being that I was a bit intimidated by tuning forks, this class was a wonderful experience and put me at ease.  I can use the tuning forks with more confidence.  I have been introduced to them in the past at workshops and had no idea what I was doing and there was not much explanation. This course taught how to use the tuning forks properly, protocols, history, etc.  It kept you engaged and not lost.  Loved how Natalie taught our live online class.  She is highly knowledgeable and very passionate about teaching and presented the information to us in a very structured yet gentle way.  Many thanks!"

- Patti C. (Newnan, Georgia, USA)

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