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Testimonials - Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing

Multi-Instrument Online Course (1-2-1 Clients)

What people are saying about this online course

"The Level 2 course is an amazing way to fully understand the breadth of sound healing. It is well researched and I particularly like the way that scientific findings are presented along with ways of working with sound. As a teacher and as a musician, I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in furthering their studies in sound."
~ Debbie Hawker-Misra (Tenafly, New Jersey, USA)
"The Practitioner Diploma in Sound Healing is an excellent training course. It provided me with the tools and direction to heal myself personally and to also become a practitioner of sound healing. The online portal was easy to access and the material was concise and up to date. I felt like I was able to bring together many skills I already have and learn new skills which all came together over the duration of the course. I have gained confidence in myself in many new ways and I look forward to working with clients as a Sound Healer. Overall this is a great course and I highly recommend it."
~ Marissa Allen (Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia)
“I really enjoyed the sound healing practitioner diploma course. The content and tutorials where great and interesting. I felt many benefits and improvements within myself over the course of this diploma and feel ready to start a sound healing business doing what I love. The course aligns with my values and has supported me in my healing journey. Offering sound healing sessions has been so rewarding and gratifying. At many times the experience feels profound and indescribable. I feel very blessed and grateful to share this with others and assist people in transforming their lives in a positive way.”
~ Tazana Karjana (Pottsville, NSW, Australia)

"I have loved the course and it has changed my life completely. Sound surrounds us all the time not just as an audible sensation in our ears but also as vibrational energy. It is around us and within us. This course covers how sound can be used to heal and can be approached at both spiritual and physiological levels so can attract anyone with an interest from either side. Once on the course there will be an integration of the two and a connection found. Can the two be separated?  Expand your mind and find out. It is an amazing journey of discovery."
~ Sara Watson (Saint-Auvent, France)

"This course is an outstanding gathering of theories and applications providing a firm foundational base of knowledge from which to build a successful sound healing business. I recommend this course for anyone seriously considering working in the field of sound therapy. The unique methods used are effective and life transforming. The information presented is very well researched and more importantly very well practiced and affirmed over years of demonstrated results. Go for it!"
~ Lisa Eutsler (Oakland, Maryland, USA)

"Thank you so much for showing me the way on my sound journey. Thank you for your teachings, guidance, trust, support and unconditional love.  This course has changed my life deeply."
~ Kamila Lukaszewicz (Dublin, Ireland)
"I really loved the 1-2-1 multi instrument sound healing course. I looked forward to each day to sit down and do my course! I would look forward to watching the videos and reading materials (optional) around the topics that were coming up. The learning process was enjoyable and I particularly enjoyed the discovery of how sound healing has its foundation in the quantum sciences and at the same time its place for one spiritually too.
I love how you can learn at your own pace and the support and feedback you get from your tutor every step of the way. It is like unpeeling the layers of an onion. Just as you think you have learnt what you need to know, another layer of discovery is soon revealed. This course has added a fresh perspective for me in how I approach life."
~  Sana Bokhari (London, England)
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