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Testimonials - Level 1 Tuning Forks

Online Course

What people are saying about our Tuning Forks online course


"This course was a perfect introduction to working with Tuning forks. I enjoyed learning the sci-ence and history of them."

- Carrie B (USA)

"I enjoyed the course very much. Learning about sound, its effects, about turning forks gave me a new, deeper perspective of the holistic and alternative therapy and how our bodies are interconnected whole system, very fine turned system, that can feel and respond to even very subtle interventions, like intention, gentle vibrations, touch…"

- Alla Mallerich (Fiji)

"I really enjoyed this course, from start to finish I felt that it was easy to navigate and the communication through the learning portal and with my tutor was great. I like that the school allows three months to complete all the course material. I didn’t feel rushed to complete the workbook/assignments and this gave me the time to really practice and review the material so I could feel confident in my abilities with the lessons learned. I really liked the videos in the lessons with the in-depth material and the ability to go back and review them as needed. Also, having the availability of the course staff and my tutor to answer all of my questions in a relatively quick manner was great. Overall, I feel that this course was very informative and cared about the student’s ability to grasp the material."

- Steve C.

"Very professionally organized and clear instruction as to how to learn and complete. Very seamless, and the home learning as my pace so very much appreciated
The quality and content is awesome and the treatment applications are profound even as a beginner."

- Sonia (New Zealand)

"I think this is a well presented, in-depth, very clear and accessible course and I think the level of content and amount is just right, giving the beginner a brilliant introduction. I think the balance of theoretical learning and practice is spot on too. There is a reassuring, authentic and loving feel to the intent and energy of the videos presented, created by Tony and Jane which helps to learn in a focused yet relaxed way. I also felt the videos were appropriately paced and the content structured in bite sized chunks ensured that the information was being absorbed properly. Such a good idea to do some theoretical learning about sound healing and answer questions first to give some fascinating background information! All in all, I think this is a great well thought out and structured course created with dedication and care and I would highly recommend to others. And thank you for the valuable connections to a tutor, support team, and facebook group too. Really does help to feel supported through the process"

- Rachel Packer (UK)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 Course. I feel that it gave me a lot of valuable resources and study material that I can go back to at any time. What I look for in courses that I take is the background information of the subject at hand – it gives me confidence that I am more knowledgeable which I hope will be evident to my future clients."

- Claudia B

"I loved this course! I learned so much about tuning forks. The course is very well structured and easy to follow through. This was such a satisfying learning experience, combining theory and practice in a perfectly balanced way. And there was more than just imparting knowledge. There’s a philosophy and a sensitivity behind each lesson and learning material that brings a special quality to the experience and differentiates the Sound Healing Academy from the others. Thank you so much for the wonderful work!"

- Rui Clemente (Portugal)

"I liked the amount of technical information that was given along with practical use information that was shared in the training materials. I feel that I have a solid foundation and will be able to work with confidence using the techniques that I learned."

- Miki Orr Campbell

"I like it a lot. It’s very informative and the concepts regarding healing are very in line with my own energy healing practices."

- Fengyi Chang

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