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What people are saying about our Voice online course


"The course has really opened my eyes. Although I have always been interested in music and sound, even music psychology I believe I really got the most out of this course through my own spirituality. The discovery of meditation and mantras was incredible and became an everyday discipline. If nothing else, the course has made me look at my own healing and spirituality."

~ Peter

"This course has helped me a lot in my own healing process. I am thankful for all the techniques and information substantially provided and thoroughly explained in this course. I feel equipped with knowledge and skills to use for my own healing and others!"

~ Judith Elizah De Ungria (East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA)

"The online sessions were fantastic, as the teacher was like the Universal instrument - lively, energetic, passionate about the subject and full of vocal surprises. I have experienced a very strong energy flowing through my body after the Chakra sound meditation and other toning exercises, so this is a testament that this teaching is very profound and effective. Thank you very much!"

~ Irma

"It’s a lot! It was broken down very well and made the learning manageable. It definitely gave me a solid foundation for understanding sound healing and how to apply it in my daily life. The online learning portal was well put together and the download aids were a great help. It felt clean and purposeful. I also got to have a good chat with my tutor and she was able to answer my questions."

~ Elly Ball (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

"I enjoyed the introduction of the mantras, toning and chanting for healing with the voice. I am also grateful that my mentor has been flexible with me on scheduling our session!"

~ Lauren

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