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Testimonials - Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing

Multi-Instrument Workshop Course (USA)

What people are saying about our Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing workshop course


"Natalie is so knowledgeable in not just instruments, but also energy work and elements and how they react to sound. I wasn't aware that sound healing is so powerful, for releasing physical ailments and emotional issues. I liked seeing the scientific facts behind this also. Like water or salt taking shape to sound. There is just so much more for me to learn."

~ Leah A(Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA)

"Natalie is a cornucopia of music information and you can tell she loves what she does. She brings passion and excitement to the workshop, pulling you in deeper with the wisdom and knowledge she shares. With the energy that's taking place in the world right now, I felt this was a safe, nurturing, welcoming environment to be vulnerable, learn, be engaged, ask questions and share. I had a beautiful and healing weekend. I was also really grateful and impressed with the professionalism of the venue to keep the participants safe during a pandemic! Bravo to Natalie and Hands in Harmony."

~ Crystal L. (Rochester, Minnesota, USA)

"5 Stars Excellent Workshop! Katie knows her materials and how to teach. She is very welcoming and patient with the learning process. She made me feel very comfortable and safe. Thank You! I loved being in person and learning hands on techniques."

~ Barbara P. (Congers, New York, USA)


"This training was so transformational. Natalie is so knowledgeable, kind & passionate, she is a wonderful sound healer & facilitator. I left this workshop with such a stronger understanding of sound healing, as well as the confidence to work with clients. I highly recommend this workshop! I loved all the hands on experience, guidance & information."

~ Tiffany H. (St. Johns, Flori

"I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to grow & learn more about the power of how sound effects & heals us. Natalie's knowledge, thoughtfulness & caring nature sets her apart from the rest. This class was the missing piece for the next phase of my work. Thank you."

~ Cori P. (Lutz, Florida, USA)

"Natalie is an amazing instructor and healer and has so much more knowledge beyond level one and sound healing that made the class so much better, very easy to listen to and learn from. The class and everyone in it was perfect and made the learning experience that much easier, comfortable and fun to take."

~ Pete Milligan (Tuscon, Arizona, USA)

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