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Testimonials - Level 2 Diploma Of Integral Sound Healing 

In-Person Working 1-2-1 With Clients Workshop Course

What people are saying about our Level 2 (1-2-1) In-Person Workshop Courses


"Thanks to Natalie for an exceptional workshop. Each day was set at a pace that allowed for learning, integration and fun. She led us through an enormous amount of information, making sure we understood the tough concepts. Her kindness and immense knowledge of sound, music, spirit and life lays the groundwork for self-acceptance and success. You leave this workshop empowered to go forth and successfully complete this course."

~ Mary Fields (Ionia, Mitchigan, USA)

"An incredible integration of practical learning within the holistic framework of healing. Authentic, compassionate teachers who have the ability to hold space while providing a diverse groups of individuals with rich in depth learning. I loved these few days."

~ Helen O'Byrne (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

"My tutor, Sally Hutchison has been amazing. I am used to getting a pat on the head and good marks, but Sally always gave me ways to tweak, improve or extend. I felt like she understood me and how I could become better – which is what I always seek to do. I am extremely grateful to have such a dedicated and insightful teacher. Truly exceptional – and in there with my top 3 teachers of my entire life.

Also, on that note, I think I would not have had the same depth of learning without such an outstanding tutor.
The workshop (which we finally got to have some 9 months in, due to COVID) was mind-blowing – and again, enormous kudos to Sally for creating such an incredible workshop for our group – where most of us were near completion. Really fabulously done."

Lucinda Curran (Carlton North, Victoria, Australia)

“Natalie is a Star. So much passion, knowledge and wisdom. It’s been a true and very humbling experience. It is amazing to attain this information so I can help others begin their own healing journey so that collectively each person can raise the vibration of Mother Earth and bring about change for All of the Greater Good. Love, Light and Peace. Thank you so much Natalie.”

~ Kelly H. (Sarasota, Florida, USA)


"This course has opened my mind up to the vast applications of Sound Healing. Teacher and assistants have a plethora of knowledge that they share openly."

~ Yvette Van Der Hegt Gordon (Balnarring, Victoria, Australia)

“The growth, both personally and professionally that I have experienced through this Level 2 workshop, as well as Level 1, has been immense! Natalie is a very well spoken, clear, kind and knowledgeable instructor. The course material is also very well put together so that when followed, each participant will have everything need to be a proficient sound healer.”

~ Peggy R. (Titusville, Florida, USA)

"If you are looking for a course that is rich in content, delves into the absolute heart and soul of sound healing instruments and guides you to be led by your intuitive wisdom, this this is a course for you. I spent 5 days surrounded by vast talent and I can honestly say the while thing has been deeply enriching."

~ Lucy Kaufman (Windsor, Berkshire, England)

"I studied the multi-instrument Level 1 and the Level 2 Diploma courses with Sally Hutchinson which have been fantastic experiences. After doing some research about the different sound healing trainings available out there, I settled for the ones with the Sound Healing Academy and a combination of online and face-to-face learning with Sally – a decision I haven’t regretted.

She is a wonderful, very talented and experienced teacher. Her depth of knowledge and ability to pass this ancient healing modality onto her students are remarkable and I found her teaching methods of high quality and easy to follow. Sally teaches from a space of compassion and heart and has a great sense of humour too!

Studying in a group (face-to-face) was an important aspect to me. The ability to practice with and on each other, the friendships we made and the amazing exchange that happens between people are precious and irreplaceable. Studying in 2020 and 2021 was challenging for everyone, but despite the extraordinary circumstances, our study cohort was offered additional support and Sally went an extra mile to ensure we had the best possible learning experience.

My gratitude goes to Sally and to all my study friends who continue to guide and inspire me on this sound healing journey. I look forward to the many courses and workshops that Sally continues to offer."

Nina Hakamies – Sound Healing Practitioner (Barkers Creek, Victoria, Australia)

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