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 Crystal Singing Bowls


"The Crystal Bowls workshop with Kayce was transformational. She is a natural teacher and was incredibly knowledgable, articulate, talented, and humble as she guided us through the course. She made all of the concepts accessible and relevant to everyone who attended from all kinds of different backgrounds. You can feel that Kayce is connected to a higher purpose in her work with sound since she is eagerly willing to share her techniques, experiences, and wisdom in hopes that sound healing will spread exponentially as more become inspired to offer and receive this beautiful practice."

~ Molly M. (Nashville, Tenessee, USA)

"I attended the Sound Healing Course taught by Kayce Laine in August. I do not have a musical background other than playing the radio! The way the material was presented and the hands-on learning made it easy to comprehend the different notes and their purpose. Kayce took the time to answer my questions and play the bowls again so I could understand the notes. I left the workshop feeling confident in my ability to play my crystal bowls to facilitate sound healing. I highly recommend Kayce’s workshop for sound healing."

~ Dawn S. (Nashville, Tenessee, USA)

    Tuning Forks


"The small class size was so lovely and the balance between the class discussion and practice sessions was perfect. Molly is such a lovely facilitator, guide, and teacher. What a blessing this class was!"

~ Mary Frances D. (Rico, Colorado, USA)

“An amazing experience! Annie is an amazing facilitator, so experienced and knowledgeable, gentle, structured and flexible. I was such a beautiful and deep experience!”

~ Justine (Orange, NSW, Australia)

“Truly a pivotal life experience. Adrienne is knowledgeable, relatable and a strong group leader. Information is provided in a variety of ways throughout the workshop, which is beneficial for a wide variety of learning styles. As someone with a background in technology (not bodywork), I found the workshop environment to be very welcoming and the content to be very informative; I am so incredibly glad I was brave enough to attend.”

~ E. Morris (Bellevue, Washington, USA)

 Tibetan Singing Bowls

"I would highly recommend this workshop. Maggie is an amazing teacher who guided us with a combination of provided information and the acquisition of knowledge and understanding through experience. Singing bowls are amazing instruments and we were given ex-tensive opportunity to experience this first hand, both as client and practitioner. The workshop was thoughtfully put together and created such a beautiful energy. I really can’t recommend this enough, whether you are interested solely in learning amazing self healing skills or you would like to retrain for a new career."

~ Tina Henshall (Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England)

"Annie's manner and knowledge combine to deliver an enjoyable and comprehensive introduction to Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing. Plenty of time and opportunity to ask lots of questions to fully understand content and lots of welcome practical/hands-on experience"

~ Andrea Ferrari (Rozelle, NSW, Australia)

"I had a really rich learning and healing experience on this weekend Tibetan Singing Bowls level 1 course. I feel that this course has had a transformative spiritual effect on me and sparked what I expect to be lifetime love affair with Sound Healing."

~ Chris Horn (Croydon, London, England)



"The course was wonderful! The content was comprehensive with a good mix of theory and practical components. I like having the practical experience of learning the mantras and also practicing the five phases of vocal toning with other students. Loved the bonus of learning correct pronunciation of Sanskrit with Sally"

~ Lisa Singline (Torquay, Victoria, Australia)

"I loved meeting other sound healers and going out into the woods with the drums. This workshop was excellent and exactly what I was looking for! I was introduced to using the voice for sound healing with lots of inspiration to take home with me and use in both 1:1 and group sound baths. The workshop was wonderfully guided by Maggie and Becky. I love the location of the venue, surrounded by nature."

~ Jooles - (Powys, Wales, UK)

"I loved the mantra work particularly and it was a very nurturing environment which made me feel safe. Maggie and Becky were wonderful teachers and very supportive. I found the course very interesting and challenging but at the same time I felt safe to meet those challenges. It was very good! I really enjoyed the venue. Thank you to my lovely teachers."

~ Sue (Wirral, UK)

"I felt safe to express myself authentically. The teachers and group were lovely, warm and welcoming. Thank you for helping with the development of my voice."

~ Amy (Cheshire, UK)

 Rhythm & Drums


"The drum workshop was a very enjoyable and informative couple of days. I have gained much knowledge of the history of drums and how it has been used for centuries in many different cultures for healing. It is fascinating to learn the many different drum patterns that can help with deep healing the physical body, mental body and emotional well being. I really enjoyed being able to play a variety of different drums and percussion instruments that you have. My confidence in my drumming has increased, and am looking forward to showcasing my new skills with family and friends."

~ Rebecca Hubbold (Queensland, Australia)

 "My favourite part of the workshop was being out within the grounds of CAT with the drum and singing or chanting, especially when we had expansive views. It was wonderful to connect with nature doing the workshop which makes the venue great.

I would recommend Maggie and the Sound Healing Academy if you are considering learning about drumming and how it helps with sound healing. I found it particularly powerful when combined with voice. I now feel much more confident sharing the power of the drum with others and a number of clients in sound baths have fed back that they’d like to learn more about how they too can use the drum and I’ve been confident in giving recommendations. It was all so great.

If anything, I really appreciated Maggie sharing a few ideas of how to bring drumming into sound baths. I thought that Maggie and Becky worked well together and complimented one another’s skills well. I enjoyed receiving training and support from both of them. Thank you so much."

~ Lynda (Wiltshire, UK)

"'Becky built up the weekend really well and consistently. She made it accessible for all levels of experience. We covered basic to more complex beats and applications. Excellent weekend workshop where I have come away feeling excited, enriched and confident to carry on my journey with the drum and to add it to my sound healing practice. Thank you."

~ Maria (Whitby, UK)


"The techniques were super useful and opened a whole new world for me.  I loved to listen to Tony, brilliant teacher and his voice is very mesmerizing. Kept me focused all the way through."

~ Vanda Z (Monterrey, Mexico)

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