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The Native American Style Flute - An Introduction

Free Online Sound Healing Course



  • Learn how to play the Native American style flute as a sound healing instrument
  • Incorporate breathwork into your music 
  • Learn & practice how to play the basic scale
  • Get practical advice on how to unlock the healing potential of your Native American style flute
  • Learn how to use the flute to help heal yourself and others
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Did you know the Native American style flute is a sound healing instrument that can be used to improve your health and wellness?

In this free online course, Gareth Laffely will take you on a journey to unlock the power of the flute for your sound healing practice!

Learn how to work effectively with the flute to help yourself and others: your family, friends, and community. 

This is a perfect introduction to the flute for people of all skill levels, whether you have experience playing the flute or have never picked up the instrument. 

Your Teacher: Gareth Laffely 

Gareth is a sound healing practitioner who trained at The Sound Healing Academy, with experience working with patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Using the flute, he has taught workshops across the United States, and he created an anti-bully program that he took into schools to use music to inspire and heal. He believes that music can make a profound difference in the world, and that anyone can learn to use the Native American style flute to heal themselves while uplifting their communities.

What You Get When Joining This Free Course 


Free training from an experienced Sound Healing Academy practitioner

One video tutorial on the history of the Native American style flute & how to properly set up it up

One video tutorial on how to play the basic scale

One video tutorial on how to incorporate breathwork into your music

One video tutorial on how to use the flute to help heal yourself and others  


Get Started Today! 

  • Feel the freedom of working with the Native American style flute in a new way
  • Learn tips and techniques to get started immediately
  • Create a new vision for your future in working with the flute
  • Feel inspired to learn more
  • Empower your community through your work with the flute
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What To Expect


We look at what will be covered in this free course

Flute Set Up

Foundational techniques to properly set up your flute

The Basic Scale

This video demonstrates how to accomplish the basic scale when playing your flute


Explore how to incorporate breathwork into your music

Thank You

Discover what else you can do with the Native American style flute