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A Deep Dive Into Sound Healing In London, UK - With Sana Bokhari

May 28, 2024
Sana Bokhari

Sound healing in London, UK, has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, drawing interest from diverse people seeking alternative and holistic approaches to health and well-being.

Continuing from our previous blog, A Deep Dive Into Sound Healing In London, UK - With Sarah Sheldon, we are now going to talk to Sana Bokhari about her insights into the world of sound healing in London, what workshops she is teaching and where, and why the presence of sound healing in the wellness landscape of London is likely to continue growing

What to expect from our blog:

  1. The rise of London sound healing workshops
  2. London’s sound healing scenery with Sana Bokhari
  3. In-person sound healing training in London with SHA
  4. The unique 10-step integral sound healing process at SHA
  5. What to expect when attending our London workshops


Certified In-Person Sound Healing Workshops In London

Sound healing in London represents a blend of ancient traditions and modern wellness practices, appealing to those seeking relaxation, mental clarity, and holistic health benefits. 

Its rise in popularity is driven by the need for stress relief, scientific interest, the holistic health movement, and the sense of community it fosters. As more people become aware of and experience the benefits of sound healing, its presence in the wellness landscape of London is likely to continue growing. 

And this is why we are thrilled to offer more certified in-person sound healing workshops in Crystal Palace with Sana! These workshops provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient art of sound healing and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner looking to deepen your understanding of sound healing or a curious newcomer eager to explore its transformative potential, our sound healing training in London offers a safe and supportive space to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded souls. 

You'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to incorporate sound healing into your personal or professional practice through a blend of theory, hands-on practice, and experiential exercises!


London’s Sound Healing Scenery With Sana Bokhari

And now we pass the mic to one of our Associate Sound Healing Teachers, Sana Bokhari, to find out more about her sound healing journey of becoming a practitioner and teacher and what to expect when joining one of her in-person sound healing workshops in London.

When did you start your sound healing journey?

“I started this journey some years ago when my health was suffering from work stress, leading to fatigue and anxiety. I discovered sound healing accidentally (having seen it on TV by chance), and my curiosity took hold, so I researched it further until I found myself being a student at The Sound Healing Academy!

This is when I got to experience receiving sound healing in various ways and environments, and, forgive the cliche, it changed my life. I'm very glad that I discovered it!”

What courses have you done & what are your sound healing qualifications now? 

“I took the Level 1 Foundations Of Sound Healing Course (Multi Instrument), Level 2 Diploma In Integral Sound Healing (1-2-1 Clients) and the Level 2 Diploma In Integral Sound Healing (Groups).


In-Person Sound Healing Training In London With SHA

What sound healing courses do you teach in London?

“I teach Level 1 Foundations Of Sound Healing Course (Multi Instrument) and both Level 2 Diploma In Sound Healing (1-2-1 Clients) and Level 2 Diploma In Sound Healing (Groups).”

Where else do you offer sound healing courses in the UK?

“I offer sound healing courses at the Crystal Palace Osteopaths & Natural Therapies clinic in Crystal Palace, London. We use the yoga studio there, and sometimes students even book themselves for a lunchtime massage with the therapists downstairs!”

How are you trying to expand teaching sound healing in London?

“I would like to offer shorter sound healing workshops focusing on one sound healing instrument. At the moment, it looks like it may be a 2 day Gong Workshop! 

But I will find out what the Londoners want and cater to that, so for example, if the demand is high for crystal singing bowls, then I will offer a 2-day workshop on that.”

What are your highlights of working as a SHA associate sound healing teacher?

“I began teaching 2 years ago and before this, I was already a qualified teacher of 15 years working throughout London schools and colleges. I taught science, as my background is in Biochemistry & Forensics, therefore, my fascination with and delivery of the sound healing curriculum often emphasizes the various scientific principles underpinning sound healing. 

I find that combining this with heartfulness and additional meditative strands makes for a powerful package

My highlights of working as a SHA associate teacher include always being in awe of the diverse range of people, professionals, and “experts” attending the workshops. There seems to be a real shift happening whereby an increasing number of people from medical backgrounds want to learn, offer, and incorporate sound healing as part of their work. 

I also find it awe-inspiring when I see the healing journey that my students go on during, even just the workshop itself. I feel humbled and grateful for the positive impact my sound healing workshops have on them, and I immensely enjoy the sense of community and bonding that grows stronger each day amongst attendees, as well as keeping in touch with my students and seeing the wonderful offerings they're extending within their communities.”

What do you enjoy the most when teaching sound healing? 

“I enjoy the most seeing the wonder and amazement on students’ faces each time they make a new discovery or when they experience different sound qualities/instruments and the effect it has on them. 

I also enjoy the melting pot of knowledge that occurs due to the diversity of professional and personal backgrounds that everybody comes from, bringing that all together whilst learning from one another. I also find it rewarding when students report the positive impact that sound healing has had for them on a personal level during the workshop.” 

What types of people come to your sound healing workshops? 

“All beautiful sorts! Yoga teachers, psychotherapists, meditation teachers, child psychologists, professional sport players, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, government workers…even professional circus performers!”

Where are these people traveling from usually?

“Kent, Essex, and all sides of London really.”


The Unique 10-Step Integral Sound Healing Process At SHA

Why do you think people come to your sound healing workshops? What do they get from their experience?

“They get to experience the healing sounds in person, to practice healing other people with the sounds and learning from shared feedback. Their learning is also enhanced by the melting pot of knowledge that occurs when the group is all together, because there is such diversity in who attends my sound healing workshops in London.

They enjoy the teaching fusion of science meeting wellness and the theory meeting practical exercises. The practical elements are especially invaluable! My students also commonly feedback that they enjoy learning in an environment that is infused with humor, wisdom, a good sense of direction and guidance from me, while allowing them to feel relaxed and safe to experiment and discover.”

At SHA, we have a 10 step integral sound healing process. What responses have you had from your students to learning our unique process? 

“The students not only love it, but truly appreciate the 10 step process! 

To use healing sounds according to this framework adds flexible structure and objective to the delivery of sound healing. It really powers everything up. Anyone can play relaxing tones, but to know a variety of techniques, how their effect differs, how each step feeds into another to cumulatively enhance the healing effect on the client, is very powerful and unique to The Sound Healing Academy. 

I’ve never come across a similar process anywhere else, and students who’ve attended alternative schools of sound healing are also blown away by the 10 step process. They always express their gratitude in having been able to learn about it and always agree with how much it enhances their delivery and improves their practice going forward. The client case studies they go on to share with me are further testimony to this!” 

Why do you believe our integral sound healing process is so effective for healing?

“We are multidimensional beings, and very often, healing modalities only work to address one of these many dimensions. 

Your unique integral sound healing process allows us to work towards healing on the many different layers of ourselves, thus truly providing a holistic approach and allowing the healing to reach parts of us that we're not even necessarily aware that are in need of healing.”


Final Thoughts

What would you say to anyone interested in training in sound healing with you in person?

“Don't delay! It truly is such an enriching and informative experience, and you get to not only experience being a client, but you also get hands-on practice in playing the role of the practitioner under expert guidance. 

From on-workshop to off-workshop, the care and attention given to you is next to none, the sense of community and sharing is wonderful, and the support and guidance offered extends further than that of just the duration of the sound healing workshop!”

What should people expect after participating in a sound healing workshop with you? How would this impact their life and in what ways?

Lots and lots of practicals and experiencing new applications of sound and unique techniques of creating healing sounds. We cover extensively working with different client “types”, including those with health issues, vulnerabilities, or additional needs and how to adjust sounds to cater that. 

Also, you will experience, for yourself, sound healing combined with other healing modalities and learning plenty from the teacher and your peers. You'll discover a range of sound healing ways, ranging from simple to complex, in which you can incorporate sound healing into your life for medicinal effect, and extend this offering to your friends, family, and your wider community or audiences. 

What you'll learn will also enhance your current approach to any other therapies you already offer and frankly, positively change your perspective on many things related to health and wellness!”

At The Sound Healing Academy, our focus is on growing and expanding the amount of workshops, events, and learning opportunities dedicated to sound healing so as many people can connect, learn, and heal themselves and our planet, one sound healing at a time.

If you want to experience all of that for yourself, we invite you to join Sana’s transformative sound healing workshops in Crystal Palace, London - an experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and empowered to Heal, Transform, and Evolve!

These sound healing courses in London are open to individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels, from beginners curious about sound healing to seasoned practitioners looking to expand their skills. No prior experience is necessary, just an open mind, a willing heart, and a desire to explore the transformative power of sound!



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