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A Deep Dive Into Sound Healing In London, UK - With Sarah Sheldon

May 14, 2024
Sarah Sheldon

In the bustling metropolis of London, amidst its thriving cultural landscape, lies a serene world where ancient practices meet modern wellness. 

Once relegated to the fringes of alternative therapies, sound healing in London has steadily gained traction in the city’s wellness scene, captivating the minds and hearts of its diverse locals, and people from all around the UK and abroad.

In this blog, we’ll explore how London's vibrant wellness community has embraced sound healing with open arms and introduce you to some exciting news - our increasing number of in-person sound healing workshops available across the city!

What to expect from our blog:

  1. The rise of London sound healing workshops
  2. London’s sound healing scenery with Sana Bokhari
  3. In-person sound healing training in London with SHA
  4. The unique 10-step integral sound healing process at SHA
  5. What to expect when attending our London workshops


Certified In-Person Sound Healing Workshops In London

The popularity of sound healing in London reflects a growing global interest in holistic health modalities and a collective desire to reconnect with ancient wisdom in our fast-paced, technologically driven world.

From cozy studios tucked away in Greenford to expansive wellness centers in Crystal Palace, opportunities to experience the transformative power of a sound healing course in London abound throughout the city.

As the demand for sound healing continues to soar in London, we are thrilled to announce that we've expanded our reach in the UK by offering certified in-person sound healing workshops in two new locations: Greenford and Crystal Palace

Led by the renowned sound healers Sarah Sheldon and Sana Bokhari, these workshops provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient art of sound healing and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner looking to deepen your understanding of sound healing or a curious newcomer eager to explore its transformative potential, our sound healing training in London offers a safe and supportive space to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded souls. 

You'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to incorporate sound healing into your personal or professional practice through a blend of theory, hands-on practice, and experiential exercises!


London’s Sound Healing Scenery With Sarah Sheldon

To help you better understand the growing desire for sound healing training in London, we spoke with one of our wonderful SHA associate teachers, Sarah Sheldon, about her transformative sound healing journey of becoming a practitioner and teacher and what to expect when joining one of her in-person sound healing workshops.

When did you start your sound healing journey?

“I think I’ve always been on a sound healing journey as long as I can remember! I just wouldn't have understood it in those terms until a few years ago. 

I used to sing for hours from a very young age, as sitting on my swing and singing to myself was my own self expression and self-soothing. That later moved to being at the piano, improvising melodies. My husband always used to say he knew when I hadn't been playing as I was out of sorts! So music and sound have definitely been my medicine for wellness. I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist as I was interested in how much our mindset and beliefs impact on our mental health and what we perceive as our possibilities. Then, I officially discovered sound healing as a modality in 2019 and it just all made perfect sense to bring everything together, so I could bring that healing to others.”

What courses have you done & what are your sound healing qualifications now? 

“I was a primary teacher for many years specializing in music, and I have a Masters in Music Education. This study was really influential to me, as I took a deep dive into aspects of creativity and the origins of speech and song. 

As a teacher, I’ve always believed that sound and music is innate to all of us, rather than thinking that some people are blessed with a gift of musicality and others are not. 

I took the Level 1 Foundations Of Sound Healing Course (Multi Instrument) with SHA in Wales, and this was such a beautiful space for me to explore new sides of my connection with sound, and then my Level 2 Diploma Sound Healing Courses

I found the SHA teachers to be so inspiring in how they lived and breathed the teachings, and were both passionate but extremely caring and heart centered at the same time! So I’ve officially started teaching sound healing at the Academy in 2022.”


In-Person Sound Healing Training In London With SHA

What sound healing courses do you teach in London?

“I teach the Level 1 Foundations Of Sound Healing Course (Multi Instrument) and both Level 2 Diploma In Sound Healing (1-2-1 Clients) and Level 2 Diploma In Sound Healing (Groups).”

Where else do you offer sound healing courses in the UK?

“I live in Marlow, which is West of London on the Thames and easily accessed by car via M4 and M40, or by train from Paddington. 

I’ve discovered a beautiful, peaceful venue which is just a few minutes walk to the river. Students who live in central London often remark on how calm and inspiring they find it, as we are surrounded by nature and often have the birds join us in our voice work. Sometimes we even get to glimpse muntjac deers in the small garden! 

Last year, I started running courses in Greenford at the Greenford Community Centre. It's another great venue which is just a couple of minutes off the A40, with a lot of parking and some outside space too. It’s also only a 15 minutes walk from the South Greenford railway station and a 15 minutes walk from the Greenford station, where both trains and undergrounds are available so the venue is very easily accessible. There we have a lovely large room where we are never interrupted.”

In what other London areas are you trying to expand teaching sound healing?

“I’m running two sound healing courses in Greenford this year, a Level 1 Multi Workshop in August and another one in November, as they’ve been very popular, and I’ll be considering other West/North London venues for 2025!”

What are your highlights of working as a SHA associate sound healing teacher?

“Teaching my first ever in-person sound healing workshop was of course a milestone that I’ll always remember! 

Having said that, I’ve had so many groups of wonderful students, so each new workshop is a highlight in itself. I’ve also really enjoyed working alongside some of the other teachers, seeing how they deliver and sharing ideas with them.”

What do you enjoy the most when teaching sound healing? 

“I think I’ll always be a teacher at heart, so I get a great sense of joy from being able to deliver the courses and connect with students in person. I enjoy knowing that I can impart the skills and understanding to each person in a way that meets them where they are at individually. 

I love seeing students develop and grow and to take on new challenges where they didn’t think they could stretch themselves. So many really start to blossom as they connect to this beautiful work. To know I’ve created the space to facilitate that is a real buzz!”

What types of people come to your sound healing workshops? 

“I get a total mix of students that come to my sound healing workshops in London.

Sometimes it’s those who are already involved in the wellness industry, maybe yoga teachers, massage or reiki practitioners. I do often get school teachers, but there are others from all sorts of backgrounds as well such as sales, IT, or even the film industry.

Some would call themselves musicians, but many have had no prior experience working with instruments or their voice at all. However, I always tell the students that it doesn't matter what their background is. 

Having a lovely mix of people from all walks of life adds to the richness of my sound healing workshops, and everyone has their own journey that they will take as they progress as sound healers. 

To me, an open mind and heart are what I like to see in my students, as I know they will be responsive to all the experiences and go way past where they ever imagined!” 

Where are these people traveling from usually?

“Some people are local but many others are not. Many live in and around London, or they might come from other parts of the South East, or even further afield. 

I have recently had students from the Netherlands and Berlin join my workshops too!”


The Unique 10-Step Integral Sound Healing Process At SHA

Why do you think people come to your sound healing workshops? What do they get from their experience?

“The feedback that many of the students give me after their sound healing workshops is that they really appreciate the safe and supportive space I created for them. This allows them to feel that they can try the practical activities with confidence and without fear of being judged. 

To me, that is key to creating a good learning environment, along with having fun! When we are enjoying ourselves we are much more receptive to learning and we get to have a good time in the process. 

Students are also surprised by the level of healing they experience over the days we are together. They find they’re sleeping better afterwards, releasing stuck emotions, and even having massive breakthroughs about their purpose. 

So not only do they have these inspiring learning experiences, but they receive something very personal to their own development too!”

At SHA, we have a 10 step integral sound healing process. What responses have you had from your students to learning our unique process? 

“As the students become familiar with the 10 steps process, they really start to realize the potential that this brings to create deeper healing experiences for their clients. 

One of the students at my most recent Level 2 Diploma With Groups workshop said she loved seeing the 10 steps process in action in both the Level 2 1-2-1 and the L2 Groups courses, as this gave her such a good understanding of how important they were in facilitating positive healing outcomes. 

Another thing my students truly appreciated about the 10-step process is how flexible it is and can be applied in so many ways for both individual and group sound healing sessions!”

Why do you believe our integral sound healing process is so effective for healing?

“For me, the emphasis on working first and foremost from a place of heart connection is absolutely essential. This has always struck me from the first day I joined the Level 1 Multi Sound Healing Course at SHA. 

Our modern life is so demanding and stressful, where we are often pushed to perform and take action. To offer a client an accepting, loving space where they can just be themselves and experience this heart connection is very powerful. 

The second key element that combines with this is the intentionality of our work. There is so, so much more to sound healing than making sounds! 

When these two aspects of heart connection and intention come together through the use of the 10 steps of the integral sound healing process that you’ve created is something truly transformational!


Final Thoughts

What would you say to anyone interested in training in sound healing with you in person?

“I think you intuitively know when sound healing is calling you, even just reading this means you’re most likely tapping into it already! 

Some answer that call straight away, and those who hesitate often say they wish they had done it sooner. Many students go on and take the advanced courses, but students who don’t necessarily intend to become a practitioner remark that they are so happy to have found a beautiful new practice that enriches their life and the life of their loved ones. 

So there’s so much to be gained from coming to a sound healing workshop in London on so many levels!”

What should people expect after participating in a sound healing workshop with you? How would this impact their life and in what ways?

“After participating in my sound healing workshops, people find that they’re more willing to try new things, have greater confidence, and find a new sense of balance and groundedness

Some also go on to make deep friendships with those they’ve trained with, which is such a beautiful thing!” 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery? We invite you to join us at Sarah’s transformative sound healing workshops in the heart of London - an experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and empowered to Heal, Transform, and Evolve!

These sound healing courses in London are open to individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels, from beginners curious about sound healing to seasoned practitioners looking to expand their skills. No prior experience is necessary, just an open mind, a willing heart, and a desire to explore the transformative power of sound.

PS: Stay tuned for our next blog, where we talk to another associate teacher, Sana Bokhari, about her workshops in Crystal Palace, London and what to expect! 


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