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Level 1 Certificate: Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing

Gongs Online Course


Level 1 Sound Healing With Gongs

  • This 3-month certified online sound healing course with gongs guides you through how to work with a variety of gongs to create transformative integral sound healing experiences
  • Learn effective techniques for sound healing with gongs to help yourself and others 
  • Take your first step towards receiving a gong certification
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Learn How To Use Gongs For Healing

Learn effective techniques for sound healing with gongs to help yourself and others in your life you care about.

This 3 month course gives you so much more that the theory of sound healing!

What you'll get:

  • Practical 'how-to' instructions
  • Personal contact and feedback with a top-class tutor
  • Your questions answered in 2 x 1-hour live webinars with senior members of our training team
  • Connections with our community of sound healers around the world in our international Facebook support group :)

When you join this sound healing course with gongs, you'll:

  • Feel confident working with different gongs
  • Help yourself with healing sounds to feel more relaxed and calm
  • Offer effective sound healing sessions to your family and friends
  • Lay a solid foundation for a career in sound healing, working 1-2-1 with clients and in groups
  • Take the first step towards becoming a professional sound healer

What you'll learn on this sound healing course with gongs:

  • How sound healing works - the science, art and alchemy of our unique method of Integral Sound Healing
  • how to work effectively with easy-to-play gongs
  • foundational sound healing skills and techniques 

What You'll Learn On This Course

Science Art and Alchemy


Learn the origins of Sound Healing, along with the Science, Art and Alchemy.


Module 1

An introduction to gongs, plus talks including why we should use them, and more.


Module 2

Discover foundational skills & techniques for working with gongs.


Module 3

Learn how to offer a gong sound healing session start to finish to help yourself and others.


Module 4

Explore different dynamics of gong playing and what are their benefits.


Module 5

Find out how you can use various gong techniques whilst using only a mallet.


Module 6

Find out how you can use various gong techniques whilst using 2 mallets.


Module 7

Learn how you can do client placement and engagement to yield the best results. 


Module 8

Learn valuable knowledge, skills & techniques covering gongs and the 5 elements of consciousness.


Module 9

Discover how to offer a healing session with gongs to a client with various gongs and techniques.

What Students Say About This Course

"The techniques were super useful and opened a whole new world for me. I loved to listen to Tony, brilliant teacher and his voice is very mesmerizing. It kept me focused all the way through!"

~ Vanda Z (Monterrey, Mexico)

"This course has given me a good understanding of the concept of sound healing in general and the use of gongs within that. I feel like it touched on the scientific aspects of how and why sound healing works, and gave me enough general knowledge to be able to explain this with confidence to a friend or prospective client. The connection exercises and intention setting with clients was probably my favourite thing I learned from this course, because it helped to give a structure and purpose to facilitate my own sound healing sessions.

~ Steven Tyssen (Australia)

"I really like it and I had no idea how many subjects where involved, I loved to learn something new and to studied new things that will not only be good for me…. This course will let me be an instrument to guide persons to find out how to relax and open to the opportunity to heal in a deep and more spiritual, mental and subconscious way and I feel that at the same time I will heal also and I am grateful to all the persons who trust me and will trust in me."

Irais Lopez (Mexico)

What's Included In Your Online Learning Portal

With us, you'll get a lot more than easy access to an online library of videos and other resources. You'll be linked with a real, live person as a tutor!

Personal Tutor

Personal Tutor

You'll have a personal tutor who will guide you to successfully complete the course. You'll get answers to your questions by email and in a live 30 minute coaching call.  You'll also get feedback on your completed workbook.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

You'll get access to over 30 video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on various aspects and techniques on how to play with gongs. The techniques can be applied for self-care plus 1-2-1 and group sessions.

Other resources

Other Learning Resources

You'll also be able to take quizzes and download many other great online learning resources, including: handbooks, workbooks and audio recordings. These are meant to complement your learning journey

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