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Testimonials - Level 1 Rhythm & Drums 

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Rhythm and Drums

"This course was an amazing introduction into the world of sound healing!  The videos were informative, and the workbook gave me a chance to dive deeper into my studies through hands-on training.  Even though this was an online course, I received personalized attention from my tutor, so I did not feel like I missed out on anything by not completing it online.  I can't wait to begin my Level 2 training and start the next part of my journey to being a sound healing practitioner."

~ Gareth Laffely (USA)

" I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I think the quality of the videos and audio recordings is excellent. The quality of lighting, voice/sound, speed, etc. are well controlled and make it easy to follow along at a nice pace. When written material is presented it is easy to read and well explained.  I loved all the information and demonstrations of additional grounding instruments: ocean drum, harmony balls, maracas, rain sticks. I had no knowledge of these tools at all, so it was quite beneficial to see/hear them in action."

~ Cheri P

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