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Sound Healing with Groups
Sound Healing with Groups

Level 2 Diploma: Integral Sound Healing
With Tuning Forks

5 Day Workshop - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Wednesday 29th January - Sunday 2nd February 2025

9:00am to 5:00pm each day

With Teachers Adrienne Smith & Natalie Brown 

Shanti Sound, 8010 E. McDowell Rd., Suite 213, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 85257

You can book on either the Full Certified Workshop Course (including online learning and tutoring) or the Workshop Only

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Early Bird Discount - Save $96.50 USD

Book the Full Certified Course until 14th December 2024 for $2058.50 instead of $2155

With this course, you get a structured online learning process both before and after the 5-day in-person workshop

In this exclusive program, you'll learn advanced skills and techniques for working with Tuning Forks (plus other instruments to enhance the effectiveness of the sound healing process):      

  • Weighted¬†& unweighted Tuning Forks to balance meridian energy

  • High, medium and low Om Tuning Forks

  • Solfeggio Tuning Forks

  • Fibonacci Tuning Forks

  • Song Of The Spine Tuning Forks

How you'll benefit from this course:

  • You'll develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to work professionally 1-to-1 with clients with Tuning Forks¬†

  • You'll build a¬†career as a sound healer by doing the work you love and helping people with healing sounds

  • You can also help yourself and your loved ones overcome health challenges¬†and handle the stresses of your life with calmness and peace

What you'll learn on this course:

  • The science, art, and spirit of Integral Sound Healing

  • How to work effectively with advanced sound healing¬†techniques

  • How to carry out energy assessments and produce treatment plans appropriate to your clients

  • Tried and tested sound healing protocols

  • How to apply our unique 10-Step Process Of Integral Sound Healing

  • How to develop and launch a successful business as a sound healer

Course Details

Online learning

Start date: Wednesday 8th January 2025 with access to online learning centre for this Level 2 Course

Live group coaching

A 1 hour Group Coaching Call at 7:00pm BEFORE the in-person workshop on Tuesday 7th January 2025

In-person workshop

Dates: Wednesday 29th January - Sunday 2nd February 2025

Times: 9:00am to 5:00pm each day

Location: Shanti Sound, 8010 E. McDowell Rd., Suite 213, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 85257

Post workshop live group coaching

There will be four (4) additional Zoom calls AFTER the in-person workshop with dates and times to be arranged between the Teacher and students.

Please note that both the Certified Workshop Course and the Workshop Only version are only available to people who have taken a Certified Level 1 Workshop or Online Course.

About The Venue

Shanti Sound - A Sound Healing, Meditation and Holistic Event Space

Shanti Sound is sound healing meditation and holistic event space, offering individual and group sound healing sessions, and collaborative events. Shanti Sound is located in downtown Scottsdale at the Northeast corner of Hayden Rd. and McDowell Rd., close to the Loop 101 East and 202 Red Mountain Freeway. It is just 10 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and is close to many restaurants and the Botanical Garden.

Who Is This Course For?

This Sound Healing With Tuning Forks Course is one of our most popular courses.

This course appeals to holistic health practitioners, yoga and meditation teachers, musicians and singers, psychotherapists and other health-care practitioners.

It is packed full of knowledge, skills and techniques to enable you to build an exciting and diverse portfolio of sound healing sessions with Tuning Torks.

You’ll be able to successfully launch and develop an effective sound healing service with multiple income streams.

The prerequisite for taking this Level 2 Course is that you have completed one of our Certified Level 1 Courses (either entirely online or with an in-person training workshop). Alternatively, you can join this course if you have completed a similar level of prior training with another academy/college. You will need to send us a copy of your Certificate.

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Sound Healing - Multiple Types of Groups

OM Tuning Forks

Work with Om Tuning Forks Set to open & balance chakras, stimulate the healing effects of bio-scalar energy, and more.

Sound Healing - Group Dynamics

Solfeggio Tuning Forks

Work with the Tuning Forks from the Solfeggio Set for diagnosis and healing.

Fibonacci Tuning Forks

Work with the Tuning Forks from the Fibonacci Set to help people recover from addictions.

Balancing Bio-Energy Fields

Balancing Energy In Meridians

Work with Tuning Forks to balance energy in the meridians.

Integral Sound Healing

Tuning Forks For The Spine

Work with Tuning Forks to help people with various health challenges relating to the spine.

Integral Sound Healing

The Unique 10-Step Healing Process

Maximize the effectiveness of sound healing with Tuning Forks.

Workshop Only Option: SAVE $1,356 USD!


All our courses have a 'Workshop Only' option.

You will not get access to any online learning resources, zoom calls, or ongoing tutoring and support. You also are not required to do any home study or practice before or after the workshop.

This option allows you to simply do the 'workshop only,' without certification. This is available for just $799 USD ($239.50 deposit). This option is ideal for:

  • People who want to enjoy learning and practicing sound healing skills and techniques without committing to extra home study
  • Online students who want the 'workshop experience'
  • Therapists¬†in different fields who¬†don‚Äôt want¬†to go on to gain a¬†Diploma in Sound Healing.

The workshop-only option also enables you to:

  • Get¬†a full workshop, hands-on experience¬†with the joy and¬†personal transformation that comes with it
  • Get personal feedback on your progress with learning sound healing skills and techniques during the workshop
  • Connect with like-minded people in a sacred space
  • Save $1,356 USD¬†on the full certified workshop course
  • Upgrade to the full certified version if you want during or after the workshop

Course Fee

5-day Workshop + 5 Zoom Calls + Online Learning Centre + Coaching & Mentoring + Webinar Recordings + Assessment & Certificate + 2 Bonus Gifts

  • Early Bird Price: $2058.50 USD ($617.50 deposit) until¬†14th¬†December 2024
  • Full Price: $2155 USD ($646.50 deposit) from¬†15th¬†December 2024
  • Workshop Only Price: $799 USD (deposit $239.50)

Please note: the deposit is non-returnable and non-transferable.

For further information, please contact us at¬†[email protected]

Alternatively, please contact Adrienne at¬†[email protected]

There are a limited number of places available, and this workshop is likely to sell out.

Secure your place to avoid being disappointed later. Click one of the buttons below to book:

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More Information

About Your Teacher: Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne is a certified sound healing practitioner living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Long committed to health and personal development, she has strong practices in yoga and running, healthy cooking, meditation and energy work.

In 2018, Adrienne took time away from her career in law and higher education and spent sixteen months traveling in Italy and New Zealand. She made wine, harvested olives, cooked at spiritual retreat centers, trekked to New Zealand’s many back-country huts, and just let her senses stretch out. She found freedom and in that space was called to a career in sound healing.

Adrienne gives 1-to-1 sessions in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Her passion is using tuning forks, and she brings in other instruments such as singing bowls and chimes to help bring her clients into a state of balance. When Adrienne is not offering sessions you’ll find her getting to know New Mexico’s many hiking trails or playing the classical and flamenco guitar with like-minded musicians.

Find Out More About Adrienne

About Your Teacher: Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

As a lifelong musician and longtime music educator, music and sound have always been a passion of mine. By journeying into sound and holistic healing I have discovered a rich and powerful tool to help others and I hope to share this knowledge, empower individuals and the community.” ~ Natalie Brown

Composer, educator, sound healer and multi-instrumentalist, Natalie Brown, has travelled the world performing, recording and teaching music.

She was trained classically, starting violin at age 4 and has taught high school orchestra for 14 years.

Natalie is the founder and operator of Sounds Heal Studio, providing one-on-one and group sound healing sessions and workshops as well as practitioner training through the International Sound Healing Academy.

Most recently she completed Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Natalie’s goal is to share the benefits of sound healing and help others use sound for self-care, personal growth and to heal.

Education & Training

  • Acoustic Ecology course, University of Iowa, with Professor Alex Braidwood, Summer 2020.
  • Dig Deeper: Exploring Sonic Wisdom with Mitch Nur, Thomas Orr Anderson and Mike Tamburo, Spring and Summer of 2020.
  • Throat Singing/Overtone Singing with Johnny Cope, 2020.
  • Professional Foundation Acupressure Diploma with Dr. Karen Wells, Accredited by Complementary Therapists Accredited Association, 2020.
  • The Gong Summit, Masterclasses with Mitch Nur, Sheila Whittaker, Jens Zygar, Michael Bettine, Mike Tamburo, July 2019, Chester, CT. 
  • Craniosacral Therapy training with Clinical Application, January 2019.
  • Quantum Craniosacral Sound Healing with John Beaulieu, September 2018.
  • Sound Therapy: Physics and Acoustics with Thomas Orr Anderson, June 2018.
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 and Level 2, April 2018.
  • Nada Yoga Teacher Training, RYT 200, Nada Yoga School, Rishikesh, India, November-December 2017.
  • Nada (Sound) Yoga with Ann Dyer, 2017, certified with the North American Yoga Alliance.
  • Yoga of Sound with Russill Paul, Yogic Mystery School, July 2017.
  • Tuning Forks: Balancing Meridians course, Sound Healing Academy, teacher Tony Nec, 2017.
  • Level 2 Diploma in Sound Healing, Sound Healing Academy, teacher Tony Nec, July 2017. Multi-instrument qualification.
  • Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing, Sound Healing Academy, teacher Tony Nec, April 2016.
  • Supreme Science Qigong Workshop, Dr. Dean Jacobs, December 2016.
  • Deeper Sound Healing Through Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu, scholarship winner, November 2015-February 2016, 12 week session.
  • Tai Chi (basic and form), Chi Kung training: TriYoga Cedar Rapids, 2008-2012.
  • Music K-12, music educator’s license, Iowa.
  • Masters of Ethnology and Folklore, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 2013.
  • Masters of Music Education, University of Northern Iowa, 2009.
  • Bachelors in Music, violin performance, University of Iowa, 2002.
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