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Sound Healing Teacher - Roise O’Caollaidhe - UK

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About Roise

Roise (roesha) is the Lead Teacher for Europe with the Sound Healing Academy. 

She is originally from Australia and her first training was in art teaching. She started her healing journey in the mid 1980s. She also studied and taught both crystal healing and subtle body harmonics (energy work).

She learned and practiced meditation, yoga, and used astrology and tarot for her own personal growth. Roise also taught herself to play the Hammered Dulcimer, being attracted to and entranced by the harmonics of its sweet sounds.

In 1998, she did a year long intensive course in metaphysics which initiated her own intensive and transformational healing process.

Of this she says: “Instead of being fraught with anxiety, guilt and fear of disapproval, I was able to let that go, and over time, become calmer, happier, and more positive. It’s a continuing process!” 

During the latter part of this time, in 2004, she came to live in the UK. In her search to have her Hammered Dulcimer serviced, she discovered Sound Healing. She has studied with the Tama Do Academy and with the College of Sound Healing. 

In 2011 Roise enrolled in the very first online course offered by The Sound Healing Academy, then called the Colour Of Sound Institute. In 2014 she began assisting the founder and principal, Tony Nec to conduct his then regular bi-monthly workshops in Glastonbury. In 2016 she became the first Associate Teacher with The Sound Healing Academy, and in 2021 was appointed as the Lead Teacher for Europe. 

Alongside this role, Roise has developed a thriving practice as a Sound Healing Practitioner: “To use sound and to draw upon my own depth of experience to help others heal is immensely rewarding. I also love teaching sound healing and supporting people through their learning and healing as they do the course.” 

Roise takes care of herself through her own heartful practices, meditation, mudras, mantras, yoga, and of course, healing sounds!

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North Worcestershire, West Midlands, UK


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